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    Adios Andrew. See you in the next one. Have a frosty one waiting for me. Xeno
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    2012 conference

    My girlfriend wants to go with me to Vegas... but not for the conference or casinos - but for the Wedding Chapels!!! I think I will have to miss that conference, too!
  3. The Amazing Oxygen Surprise What We Can Learn From The “Father of the Hydrogen Bomb”… Edward Teller had an interesting tale to tell. A Hungarian-born physicist, he became known as the “Father of the Hydrogen Bomb” for his critical role in developing the H-bomb in 1951. However, when he was 74, he suffered a stroke — and recovered with the help of a pure, pressurized oxygen treatment. Many stroke victims can tell the same tale: they were able to walk again or talk normally again thanks to this amazing treatment. The same treatment benefits a whole range of other diseases including cancer. And of course the medical establishment knows nothing about it. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is the name of the treatment that enabled Edward Teller and many other stroke victims to resume a normal life. Teller was so impressed, he purchased his own HBOT chamber for home use… and is said to have faithfully spent an hour a day in it, until his death at the ripe old age of 95!Used in the 1950s for scuba divers with the bends, HBOT is now used for dozens of conditions that have nothing to do with deep sea diving, and everything to do with faster healing. What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy? HBOT delivers 100% pure oxygen to you through increased atmospheric pressure in an enclosed chamber. When oxygen is delivered at higher than normal pressure, your body is able to absorb more O2 into your blood cells, blood plasma, cerebral-spinal fluid, and other bodily fluids. Once in the chamber, your body responds by reducing inflammation. And with reduced inflammation, blood flow increases to oxygen-deprived areas. Besides reducing inflammation, HBOT also: Saturates your body with oxygen (including the plasma and white cells), increasing your oxygen level by 20-30% Increases your ability to fight infection Creates new capillaries and increases blood flow Clears and deactivates toxins and metabolic waste Stimulates your body to create new blood cells Increases your stem cell production 800% (after 40 treatments) Accelerates your rate of healing An amazing list, in my opinion… Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used for an ever-growing list of conditions, including cancer. What does HBOT do for cancer? Hyperbaric oxygen tackles two major characteristics of cancer that make it dangerous and likely to spread. 1.Cancer thrives in a low O2 environment, and hates higher oxygenation. It is well documented that a body low in O2 prevents optimal uptake desired from other treatments, both chemotherapy and natural supplements. 2.Cancer thrives in an acidic environment, so the more alkaline your system, the more resistance you provide to your cancer cells. One of the major benefits of hyperbaric oxygen is to reverse the common condition of hypoxia (sometimes called hypoxemia) — or, inadequate oxygenation of the blood — that’s so common among cancer patients. Here’s how it performed in some recent studies: Ovarian Cancer A 2010 landmark study out of Ohio State University published in the Journal of Cancer Biology and Therapy showed that hyperbaric oxygen could shrink ovarian tumors. Ninety minute sessions for 21 days corrected the hypoxic tumor and apparently made chemo more effective.1 But the really significant thing is… HBOT alone caused a significant reduction in tumor size— even without conventional therapies. In fact, the co-author of this article, Contributing Editor Carol Parks, visited a hyperbaric center and interviewed the technicians there. They told her two things about the cancer patients who visit them: 1.They wait way too long to start HBOT. In fact, it’s usually a last-ditch effort. 2.Those who continue chemo along with HBOT have a MUCH poorer prognosis… which is in line with the concept that chemo is a toxic cocktail. Brain Cancer A new study just published in the Feb 2011 Journal of Cancer makes a strong argument for applying HBOT for patients who’ve had either surgery or radiation therapy for brain tumors. The study followed patients who’d been treated with HBOT, and found a marked improvement in their cognitive function.2 Hyperbaric oxygen also showed benefit for aggressive brain cancer in pre-clinical studies, as well as in two recent Japanese clinical trials. Breast Cancer A 2007 animal study found that hyperbaric oxygen helped prevent or reduce breast cancer metastasis to the lung.3 Soft Tissue Necrosis (tissue death) during radiotherapy for Penile Cancer. All patients undergoing hyperbaric oxygen treatment experienced excellent response with healing of the necrosis and resolution of symptoms.4 And in general… HBOT saturates your blood plasma with oxygen, reaching the areas of damage/injury more efficiently than red blood cells. It provides all your cells and tissues with oxygen — your body’s much needed healing agent. Hyperbaric oxygen increases the number and actual size of blood vessels in your damaged tissues and wounds, allowing you to heal faster. Cells involved in the healing process are highly dependent on oxygen to heal… and that’s exactly what HOBT supplies, by way of blood that’s hyper-saturated with oxygen. HBOT has often been used to help cancer patients after a round of radiation therapy. Radiation damages both cancerous cells and healthy ones, and the burst of oxygen helps heal the damaged cells. A growing number of conventional doctors acknowledge that HBOT is a beneficial adjunct to chemotherapy, as they believe the pressure pushes the drugs deeper into your system… although there are still doctors who insist you shouldn’t do chemo and HBOT at the same time. Personally, I’d be strongly inclined to do the hyperbaric oxygen and NOT the chemo. Hyperbaric is approved by the FDA for 14 conditions. But cancer is considered an “off-label” use (as is HBOT for stroke, heart disease, and many other popular uses). While conventional medicine slowly, slowly catches on to HBOT, it’s found in so many alternative cancer clinics I’d almost say it’s one of the standard therapies. These clinics didn’t have the benefit of the studies on HBOT and cancer, most of which are recent, but they used their heads. Oxygen kills cancer cells. HBOT increases oxygen levels. Two plus two equals four. I don’t consider hyperbaric oxygen treatment a “magic bullet” for cancer, although you could almost call it that for stroke injuries and other uses. When treating cancer I believe it should be used the way alternative clinics use it: combined with appropriate herbs and supplements, a healthy eating plan, exercise, detoxing, and reducing emotional stress. In other words, it’s just one therapy in a multi-pronged approach to defeating cancer. HBOT is good for MANY diseases and health conditions HBOT does many, many things… FDA-approved uses include carbon monoxide poisoning, crush injuries (car crashes and other traumatic accidents), decompression sickness, problem wounds, necrotizing soft tissue infections, and more. But frankly you’re far more likely to benefit from the non-FDA-approved applications including anti-aging, arthritis, atherosclerosis, brain injury, burns, coma, dementia, depression, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, migraines, chronic fatigue, neuropathy, sports injuries, and even Lyme disease and spider bites. Some of the most revered and prestigious medical centers have now installed hyperbaric units — among them, Harvard Children’s Hospital, New York Sinai Hospital, Duke University, and Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles. You might also be interested to know it’s emerging as a promising treatment for the growing problems of autism and ADHD. It’s been especially effective with coma and brain injuries. Some folks actually wake up from a coma and resume their lives following HBOT! Anti-Aging and HBOT… Although aging is a natural process, the biggest concern today is accelerated aging, or degeneration… sometimes combined into one phrase: accelerated degeneration. The real point of HBOT for anti-aging is regeneration. Regeneration of tissues and blood vessels, increase of collagen, and enhanced immunity which can help fight infections and heal injuries. As an aside, it’s a fairly well-known fact that many professional athletic teams now use HBOT to help their athletes heal faster from injuries and get back on the field or court faster. Chances are good it can do the same for you. What to expect from Your HBOT Experience… There are two types of chambers you might use when you “dive” into your hyperbaric oxygen treatment. As you can see from this photo, one type of chamber is a clear hard “tube” with a hospital type bed inside. You’ll either be reclined or semi-reclined. When they close the bank-vault style door (on the right) and set the controls, you’ll be in a pure oxygen environment, at two times the pressure of the air you’re breathing right now if you’re at sea level. You’ll go inside with a “beautiful” hospital pajama on and all jewelry removed (no metals go in). You can choose to watch a video (note the TV mounted on top), or sleep. I’ve done it a couple of times. It’s very relaxing. Some may worry about feeling claustrophobic, but once they try it, they say they didn’t have any problem at all. It’s nothing like a whole body MRI. With the clear chamber, it’s no big deal. You’ll be inside breathing 100% oxygen for 30, 60 or even 90 minutes. The recommended number of treatments depends on the health condition. I’ve also seen one-person HBOT chambers that are sort of like small inflatable tents, made of canvas. You lie down in them. These are more confining. There’s a small window you can see out of (looking up at the ceiling, since you’re lying down). These are the less expensive units that are feasible to buy for your home. Another type of chamber is large enough for a number of people to use it at the same time, comfortably seated. This is what you’ll usually find in facilities that specialize in offering HBOT. All HBOT chambers do the same thing. They deliver high pressure pure oxygen that you breathe while you’re in the chamber. They’re completely safe when used as directed (e.g. don’t smoke or have flames around!) As far as I know they’re all equally effective. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is NOT new! The concept of HBOT has been around since the 1800s. 1937 marked the advent of its use for decompression sickness (the bends), but in 1956 interest in it skyrocketed. That year in Amsterdam, Dr. Isadore Boerema reported that hyberbaric oxygen helped his cardiopulmonary patients recover from surgery. Shortly after that, his colleague W.H. Brummelkamp published his own discovery — anaerobic infections were inhibited by hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Of course, this makes sense since anaerobic infections need an oxygen-free environment, and HBOT denies them that. Then in 1962 came news that HBOT was enormously helpful for treating carbon monoxide poisoning, kindling international interest in it and launching this treatment into the modern era. About the cost… HBOT is substantially cheaper than most conventional treatments. Conventional health insurance probably won’t pay for HBOT unless it’s one of the 14 FDA approved conditions. Chances are, you’ll have to pay for it yourself. You’ll likely find that hyperbaric oxygen treatment will cost around $150 per treatment, or roughly $6,000 for the 40 treatments a cancer or stroke patient may require. I don’t know about you, but if I had a stroke and lost the ability to walk or to speak properly, I’d find a way to pay for HBOT. Only you can determine its value to you. I hope you’ll try to get past the “insurance” mindset. For example, one of the conditions hyperbaric is known for is saving the limbs of diabetics who might be facing amputation. If you need a driver for the rest of your life, it’ll cost FAR more than the $6,000 for 40 treatments. So, everything in perspective… http://drleonardcoldwell.com/2011/08/29/breathe-this-and-cure-cancer/
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    Stepping on toes

    Guys.... I felt the same... especially being one of the original founders of ClusterBusters.... and I cannot get my hands on BOL. I was having 16 CH's per day 5 months ago.... many at Kip levels heretofore unrecorded. I had mafia hit men begging to kill me for free! Just to put me out of my misery. Kind of like divorce and custody and visitation... maybe a little late for us... but not too late for the kids. If it were not for all of us, the drug would not be in the works. One dose of BOL is about 30 hits of LSD, which even the best Sky Trooper cannot handle without the Bromide modification. I am here and currently pain free... but only because of non-bromide modified paper. (Of course, I am not normal.. .after that last dose!) <g> But, who defines normal? And, what are their credentials? Hang in there... it will be available soon... Not in the US, but available soon.
  5. Wishing all a Happy Holiday and a pain-free Happy New Year! Xeno
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    I have used anti-anxiety pills with shrooms to help mellow the intensity of the experience, if needed. Clonazepam (Klonopin) and Lorazepam (Ativan) seem to work best and are used regularly in emergency rooms, raves, Burning Man, etc., to treat "overdose" patients who have taken too much and/or have negative reactions to hallucinogens.
  7. Guy rescues baby hummingbird after it was attacked. http://www.wimp.com/babyhummingbird/
  8. It has absolutely nothing to do with headaches. I was just indulging in my adolescent Playboy behavior which has always been a front for my own insecurities. (With surprisingly incredible results!) <g> But, being new & old to the board... trying to spark some life into the old-timers here and introduce myself to the newcomers... in a less offensive manner that the old Board. (I take full responsibility for my comments and actions... then, but might not be able to live up to my claims back then!) First and foremost, I love everybody here. I know the Hell that binds us together. The only silver lining to this disease is the incredible number of really, really great people this disease affects who I have had the opportunity to meet and know. We truly suffer from the "good people's disease."
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    Old man tripping...

    Tripping is a young man’s sport. But, when you weigh tripping or suicide from 16 CH per day, dosing wins out. Having been a part of the 60’s and 70’s and not recalling much of it all too clearly... trepidation certainly enveloped me like a wet blanket -- obviating all of the typical advance recommended preparations for an “enjoyable trip.” (Music, lighting, snacks, water, wine, naked women, etc.) It turned out all of my trepidations were unfounded. I naturally assumed that after so many years finding my own eddy in the river of life -- where I was comfortable -- there was still a lot to learn. Not just about myself, but about the universe. (However, I really did like to find that I like who I am.) I think that is the key to any trip. If you know who you are and like who you are… nothing you encounter will negatively affect you. (Curiously, most CH sufferers I have met are some of the best people I have ever met.) Liking yourself and who you are should not be difficult, then. Like anyone else, I have my own shortcomings (which are often exemplified when tripping) but found those inner-reflections to be growth-building, rather than condemnations…. disproving the old adage that “you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.” I know there are a lot of “old-foggies” like myself who would never think of dosing… for a multitude of reasons. But, weighing the burden on your family and friends that you CH’s impose (not to mention the torture on yourself) I proffer that the benefits outweigh any downside that may be preconceived. I am here to write this, now, rather than the alternative.
  10. Are you suggesting that I would stoop so low as to tug at women's heart strings with a cute young man taking care of a defenseless hummingbird in the same way that I have used Southern Comfort as a "Panty-Remover?" Never mindÂ… I forgot how well you know me! <g>
  11. I have hundreds of hummingbirds at my house (I live in Mexico) and they are such beautiful birds. So many that they actually land... and you can see all of their beautiful details. Oddly, they have no fear of humans and often land right next to you. It just adds to the beauty of where I live... which is hundreds of miles away from the drug violence.. in the best climate and beauty (in my opinion) in the world... on Mexico's largest lake. (Lake Chapala)
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    Houdy all

    That was an EAST Texas "Houdy" if I ever heard one! Howdy back at you... nice to see you are still alive... and kicking.
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    CH song

    That song rocks!
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    House Mushroom Episode

    I saw the episode and did not think it was an accurate depiction of cluster headaches... and the patient was a real jerk. Here is a recap of the show: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/250497/house_episode_recap_the_jerk_51507.html I found lots of links stating they stream or offer that episode for download... ("The Jerk" Season 3, Episode 23, 05-15-07) by searching "watch house the jerk"
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    Triptans - side effects

    There is a reason it is recommended to taper off of 'trex before dosing. Lots of people's personal experience and success! My personal experience is that while 'trex may stop a headache in progress, it seems to cause more headaches. I find it hard to believe that the manufacturers are unaware of this "side-effect" when developing and testing thw drug -- especially as 'trex is so similar to psilocybin in molecular structure (and am quite sure they tested that molecular structure as well.) Why market a drug that cures you, when a similar molecular structure, sort of works, but causes you to need more $25 doses of their drug?
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    Altitude Effects

    I actually gave a presentation of Changes in Latitude and Changes in Altitude at one of the cluster conferences (of course with Jimmy Buffet’s “Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude” background music embedded in my PowerPoint presentation!) I thought my move closer to the equator and to 5000 ft above sea-level was a contributing factor to my multi-year remission. I even had a clusterhead or two come and stay – one for a month – and the altitude did not seem to help them radically. (Of course that could be a result of copious amounts of tequila, cerveza and Latina swim-suit models!) <g> There is no hard evidence that cluster headaches are helped by high altitudes or proximity to the equator… but conversely, no evidence that it is counter-indicated or harmful, either.
  17. Mushrooms are legal in Mexico. (As are all drugs, for personal use.) Would there be am interest in a low cost treatment center here, with people who are familiar with cluster headaches, understand titrating off of prescription meds and have O2 (as well as all prescription/emergency meds) available? The location is on Lake Chapala, Mexico’s largest lake, 20 minutes from Guadalajara International Airport, which National Geographic claims has the best year-round climate in the world. It is about a 2.5 hour flight from Houston. With regard to emergency meds, Mexico does not have nasal or injectible sumatriptan, but does have Imigran (same as Imitrex) and has generic 100 mg sumatriptan for about $5 USD per pill. They do allow you to bring your own Imitrex injections – and up to 30 days worth of other necessary meds, with you as well. Most meds do not require a prescription and if they do, you pay $3 extra for the pharmacist to write you the prescription. If there is an interest, a good supply of quality mushrooms is available as well as an incredibly beautiful mansion for guests. Marijuana grows everywhere for those who use it for other ailments and you can pick it by the side of the road or pay for amazingly high quality buds (about $150 USD per kilo, but that is an illegal quantity and would not be allowed at the facility.) Joints of very high quality sensemilla (from the Spanish "sin semilla" which means "without seeds") are about 25 cents and available everywhere. For those who are not totally disabled, some of the greatest large mouth bass fishing in the world is available on some of the smaller lakes and reservoirs and the sailfish capitol of the world in is Manzanillo – a 3.5 hour drive – where some friends have luxury houses they let us use when we go fishing on another friend’s 40’ deep sea boat. Marlin, Sails, Yellow-fin, Blue Tuna, Dorado, Spanish mackerel and more… If there is a belief that this would be a good idea or an interest in moving forward with the concept -- I would welcome all feedback and suggestions.
  18. http://www.breitbart.com/print.php?id=CNG.3aaba8b91b0cf13472d553e2fd7a00be.201&show_article=1 First gene link to common migraine Aug 29 03:47 PM US/Eastern Gene detectives on Sunday announced they had found the first inherited link to common types of migraine, a finding that boosts hopes for new drugs to curb this painful and costly disorder. Scientists from 40 medical centres pored over the genetic profiles of more than 50,000 people, comparing those who suffered badly from migraines with others who were otherwise healthy. What came up in the net was a tiny but telltale variant of DNA that boosts the risk of getting migraines by around fifth. "This is the first time we have been able to peer into the genomes of many thousands of people and find genetic clues to understand common migraine," said Aarno Palotie, head of the International Headache Genetics Consortium at Britain's Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, which led the study. Previous research has found links for some extreme, but mercifully rare, forms of migraine, but this is the first to pinpoint an association for common types of the disease. The tiny genetic variant, or allele, is called rs1835740. Lying on Chromosome 8 between two genes, PGCP and MTDH/AEG-1, it allows a messenger chemical called glutamate to accumulate in junctions between brain cells, and this unleashes the migraine, the scientists believe. If so, drug engineers have a tempting target in preventing glutamate buildup, they hope. The paper, published online in the journal Nature Genetics, cited figures that migraine affects 17 percent of European women and eight percent of men. The UN's World Health Organisation (WHO) ranks migraine in the top 20 diseases in terms of "years lived with disability," a benchmark of handicap. A US estimate put migraine's economic cost on a par with diabetes. The study first compared the genome of more than 3,000 migraine sufferers in Finland, Germany and the Netherlands against that of some 10,000 non-sufferers. These results were then compared in a second phase with the genomes of a second batch, comprising 3,000 migraine patients and more than 40,000 otherwise healthy people. The study found rs1835740 to be one of several connecting genetic cogs in regulating glutamate levels. The allele alters the MTDH/AEG-1 gene, which in turn affects a gene called EAA2. The EAAT2 gene controls a protein that is responsible for clearing glutamate from the brain synapses. This protein has previously been linked with epilepsy, schizophrenia and various mood and anxiety disorders. The authors say further work is needed to confirm the findings and see whether other genetic culprits abound. Patients in the study were recruited mainly from specialist headache clinics, which means they are likely to represent only the more extreme end of those who suffer from common migraines, said Gisela Terwindt of Leiden University Medical Centre, the Netherlands. "In the future, we should look at associations across the general population, including also people who are less severely affected," she said. Migraine is believed to occur when inflammatory chemicals are released around the nerves and blood vessels in the head, inducing pain that can be excruciating. It is sometimes accompanied by nausea and hyper-sensitivity to light and sound. Common migraines fall into two categories -- those with an "aura," or shimmering circle seen by the sufferer, and those without. Sufferers tend to be aged 35-45, although the frequency and duration of the attacks can very widely.
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    I'm pretty careful about my links... and have not had a virus (on a Windows machine) in 5 - 8 years. I do admit that I am a little overkill on system safety, though. I live in Mexico... and we get all the best software for $10 USD per DVD ($5 USD for CD) ... no matter what it is! Not to mention having the best climate in the world and a 16 women per man ratio. (You have all the men up there, and they left all their women with me!) Aw schucks! Plus, after the Bavarians were here, they showed the Mexicans how to make the best beer in the world. Then, there is that little town in Jalisco... what is it's name? Oh yeah... TEQUILA!
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    Armillaria gallica

    Armillaria gallica, the humongous fungus humungus. http://botit.botany.wisc.edu/toms_fungi/apr2002.html A little dated.. but a caring friend sent it to me today. Beautiful pics! No benfit for CH... other than mycological interest.
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    Shrooms legal anywhere?

    Mexico has legalized all drugs... for personal possession. Additionally, they have a "compassionate exception" clause in their laws... i.e. if you need any "illegal drug" to survive, it is not illegal for you to possess the same. Moot point now with even heroin legal to possess.
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    550 LB Marlin goes bezerk! Amaxing photos! http://www.grindtv.com/outdoor/blog/19543/marlin+goes+berserk+attacks+press+boat+during+hawaii+tournament/
  23. After mentioning the molecular structure of indole rings and the commonality with sumatriptan, I find most doctors comprehend the logical link instantly. I also find doctors in foreign countries are much more open to alternative and homeopathic treatments than doctors in the U.S. Â
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    Finding good friends to go fishing with you is the key!
  25. Xeno

    Best shrooms for busting?

    For me, .5 gr is usually enough to abort a low Kip level headache. If it is a higher level or .5 gr does not stop the headache, I usually take another .5 gr for a total of 1 gr. Generally speaking, "recreational" doses (also good preventative doses) are typically 1.5 - 2.5 gr. of dried shrooms, depending on sub-species and potency. Naturally, different people react differently and your own dose amount may vary. I tend to err on the side of caution, rather than the Dark Side of the Moon! Tripping is a young man's sport, and I am not as young as I once thought I was!