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  1. Not sure on computer, don't have one, but on mobile device go to tab or menu on right. It should have four choices: Account Browse Activity Leaderboard Click on browse and should come up.
  2. Thank you for all the hard work! Always my place to stay up to speed!
  3. Just a reminder if your going to take verapamil and be on D3, separate the supplements from verapamil by 8-12 hours. I have been on both and will make a difference. The supplements if taken to close to verapamil will lessen the verapamil's effectiveness.
  4. amon10

    Been a while

    Hey Brad, also episodic. I agree with CHfather check out D3 regiment. It has helped me reduce my intensity of attacks.
  5. The injections will cause rebound headaches same as the pills. The injections will work much quicker than the pills though. If you use the injections try to get in vials with syringes or in 3mg auto injections. You can also learn about splitting the doses, most people can abort attacks with 2-3mg. I hold back as much as possible on injections and only use when I feel I can't get with 02. Work on oxygen therapy technique.
  6. CHF, Sorry about what she is going through, your right might be time for neurologist. Only thing I can throw out there is she taking melatonin? I ask because even though it is a fairly safe treatment that has helped many, I took it out of my treatment last cycle. I felt I could not find a dose that worked for me. I believe I could not match what my body needed. I don't have any direct experience against the sunlight but I felt definitely worse during daylight hours when I was on the melatonin. I also work swing shifts so my body clock is usually a little off and everyone is different. I hope you can find a trigger for this.
  7. Rush if your wife still has concerns about welding 02 share these links with her. The biggest difference is medical tanks requirements for filling is a visual "inspection" and sniff test. I have never read of anyone having any issues. http://www.fda.gov/Drugs/GuidanceComplianceRegulatoryInformation/Guidances/ucm124716.htm https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=F_wZrK0EyZ0&sns=em
  8. I'm glad your friend has found something that helps. Has she tried using a eye mask? I use one because I work swing shift, but unfortunately I don't notice much difference with light. Of course everyone is different. I'm also wondering if her sleep position is somewhat altered from one room to the other?
  9. Yes CHfather it definitely helps to have a good relationship with your doctor. She actually directed me to this group, which really helped me to finally start utilizing oxygen much more effectively. She gave me the script for 02 no problem, just was not fully up to speed on technique. But I respect someone that admits they don't have all the knowledge.
  10. CHfather as far as the verapamil goes it can be a personal choice. My periods of remission have been lengthy and different. I have no desire to be on it for months or years when not in cycle. I have talked this over with my Neuro and she is ok with that as long as I ramp up quickly when cycle starts. She would like me to take a predinsone taper till it kicks in but I haven't yet. When through having a child with cancer so not fond of the steroids.
  11. I've got the Opta mask setup. Was using just the mouthpiece and I was kind of confused because I had several old masks bagged together, including one with no vents( that one has no strap with big hook up in center, I could not tell you where I got it. Don't remember.) and having not been using lately because I'm out of cycle. I just try to continue to educate myself, first because I'm not exactly the "brightest bulb in box" and second because I want to be able to help others.
  12. Thank you CHfather, feeling pretty stupid now.
  13. I always thought the difference was the rebreather mask had the vents in? Can someone clarify?
  14. CHfather I'm confused, that link isn't that a rebreather mask? Sorry maybe I'm not following correctly.
  15. Been down this road, never had issue getting a script my doctor is in the know, but have fought some idiotic insurance companies. I got a S tank, goes about 77 pounds and will last me about 5-7days. Just be confident when you go in, after the first time they don't ask you anything. You are just giving them business.
  16. Melatonin has helped some, it might help you. You been given some excellent advice. Just my thought your Neuro seems like he doesn't want to accept 02 therapy, have you asked him why? It is generally effective and no side effects. If you can't convince him or get a new one, not that difficult to take it in to your own hands.
  17. Just wanted to share this study because I know some in group use Benadryl in regards to histamine theory. I also have some believe in this theory, but have just chosen to use a different class of antihistamine. I have pretty good history of dementia in my family so I just trying to be proactive. This is just one study by I think you'll find interesting. I have used loratadine the last few cycles with same results. https://sop.washington.edu/higher-dementia-risk-linked-use-common-drugs/ Original study http://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/fullarticle/2091745 Just so people know I wouldn't give any credit to a study that used a single group such as "elderly african american women" And again not trying to share this like it is gospel, just interesting. I replaced a OTC drug with another one with no added expense. I believe in the battle all diseases and conditions there will usually never be a direct line to answers and cures. Best to keep all options open. Thanks and thank you to ClusterBusters for helping me through dark times in my life.
  18. Download yesterday, have had a chance to work with it much yet( not in cycle ðŸ‘). Going to be little weird saying goodbye to the old worn notebooks. 😊
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