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  1. I had my 1st dose (Moderna) 2 weeks ago...So far, so good. That was my main concern with it. I did increase my D3 for the week prior to and for a few days after. Also increased my Quercitin and Curcumin. Just a sore arm is all I had for 2 days.
  2. Hey Voc Teacher, You're getting great input/advice from these posts! When I first got hit, that was my first question, WHY?? In my profession, it's my objective to get to the root cause. Do I think a cervicogenic problem could trigger and/or cause the beast? Absolutely! While the culprit of this condition seems to be a dysfunctional Hypothalamus, something had to cause that area of the brain to go wonky! This is a functional problem. It is a neurophysiologic certainty that prolonged spinal dysfunction will result in some form of central consequence. Now what that central consequence will be is basically a roll of the dice! The chemical changes that occur open up a whole other Pandora's box! We all get varying results with the different forms of treatment, but I would definitely recommend the alternative methods found on this forum! They have helped me immensely. I have incorporated Batch's D3 regimen in my practice for the Migraineur's I have. I would also try and find a good Chiropractor who is well versed in Functional Neurology, a Massage Therapist and an Acupuncturist. Just my 2 cents worth! Good Luck
  3. I've seriously been considering South of France...however, Tortola looks pretty good to me! Thanks for the tip!
  4. Batch, I have a M.D. friend who works in the big pharma industry. "Remember", he tells me, "healthy people and dead people are not profitable!"
  5. JJinNJ


    I use the colloidal silver to keep my sinus clear. I've discovered that for me, there is a relationship between the severity of a hit and the congestion in my left sinus! It's said that colloidal silver is a good anti-viral, anti-bacterial remedy. It also acts as an immune booster. Unless one overuses it, there are no harmful side effects. If you start looking like a smurf (turning blue)...you used too much! I'm just trying to stay away from the big pharma stuff as long as I can.
  6. JJinNJ


    I've been taking a shot gun approach that includes CBD 2x/day, colloidal silver nasal spray 2x/day, D3 regimen and 2 Benadryl at bed time. I am tapering off prednisone. The severity of pain has definitely decreased. Don't know if my cycle is ending or if it's the regimen but I'll keep at it until...
  7. Hey Oxy-Man, You're going to get great advice from this community! I'm recently diagnosed. Mine only hit me while sleeping bet. 3-6am. I am tapering off the prednisone with the last dose tomorrow. It helped with the severity of pain for me but did not arrest them. I think this cycle (my first) is finally diminishing after 6+weeks. I'm surprised that you haven't been scanned as well as a blood work-up. I'm assuming though that you've had a blood work-up with a hormone panel. At 28 years, I'd be surprised if your T levels were low. (just curious) as to what your levels are at. I have yet to get the oxygen. High octane caffeine has helped me. Homemade ginger tea does help me with the constant shadow headache. I've started the D3 regimen, and once the prednisone clears my system, I've obtained MM's which I will try. Good Luck
  8. Thanks Batch! I will keep in touch as I will start your program this weekend! There are some questions I will address with you privately through email! Thanks for your service and for YOUR service! CHfather, thanks for reminding me of the ginger tea! I used to make it anytime I felt like I was coming down with a bug! Last night was a bear! Awoken at 6am with a pretty good hit for 45 minutes. It seems as though for the past few days, the hits aren't as intense maybe a 5-6 as compared to a 7-9, but the shadows are a bit more bothersome. What's really getting me down is the intense fatigue from lack of quality sleep. Maybe I'll drop to 1 Benadryl tonight to see if it makes a difference! Thanks Guys
  9. Thanks for the tips CHfather, As soon as one hits (which is always when I'm sleeping) I make myself a cup of high octane coffee. I do take 2 benadryls before bed, and I do dose up with CBD 2x/day (sublingual oil). I also use Colloidal Silver nasal spray. I've found that if I can keep my left nostril clear, the severity is not as bad. I also dab peppermint oil just inside the nostril. I will try and breathe cold air next! Thank you too Moxie! I hope all is well with you on the other side of the pond! CH's were something I learned in school and continuing ed. but never treated. I've had great success treating migrainers. I'm pretty much dictating my treatment with my PCP. Once I finish this round of prednisone, I'll wait 5 days and try dosing with MM. I don't think I've hit a 10, but I average a 7-9 when hit hard. The shadow follows me all day! Thank you all for your input
  10. Freud, Thanks for the info! I will tell my PCP. I have yet to read a lot of these posts, as I'm new here. One question I have is: Are there any success stories in this community as far as long term remissions and/or termination of this devil? Peace and Health to All! JJ
  11. Thanks for the welcome Dallas! I did forget to mention the O2, an unintended omission! I have yet to try it. For some reason my PCP thinks its difficult to procure. I'm sure I can get a Rx from someone I know! JJ
  12. Hello everyone! This is my 1st post as I was recently diagnosed with CH's. I'm a 54yo Chiropractor, and in 25+ years of practice, I'm the 1st CH patient I have!! I see how everyone refers to it as the "beast"!. That's in my opinion, far too kind of a description! These things are the devil itself, pure evil! As far as the etiology of mine...there is no doubt that when I had oral surgery this past September (an apicoectomy) this was the trigger. After the usual post surgical pain, in the weeks following I began to have jaw/facial pain. 1 week before Thanksgiving, I developed a head/chest cold. I went to bed 1 night and that's when the Devil came knocking and he hasn't left since. I thought I was having a stroke when the 1st one came. Severe left red eye, eye drop, constricted pupil and pain that was none that I have ever felt. It hits me just about every night bet. 3-6 AM and lasts 50-60 minutes! Prednisone has given me some relief, but I know I can't stay on it. I will be starting the D3 regimen as well as MM. I refuse to (at this time anyway) to go the typical medical route. I just wanted to relay my story to people who can relate! I empathize with you all! It's only been 1 month for me, I can't even imagine going through this for years. There is also additional supplementation I am doing that I will go into later. I wish you all the best for a pain free New Year!
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