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I haven't been to a real concert. Spent most of the time too ill to go to one...

But, I did see my cousin's band play in a bar that hosted craploads of musicians.

It was great, my Mom, Papa, his girlfriend, and I went. They wouldn't serve me alcohol because I wasn't 21 unless Mom got my birth certificate to PROVE I was her child... Yeah, we totally carry that around with us. :D

So, the weirdest part of the night, was I was sitting there, and this guy walks behind my chair on the way back from the bathroom, and he's good looking, and he runs his hand over my bottom so I'm like "AWESOME I GOT FELT UP."


Then he walks past my Grandpa, who is sitting with one leg propped up on the other. His ankle is over his knee.

The guy stops, does a double take... comes and grabs his leg and puts it on the floor for no real reason other than he's super drunk.

Getting felt up totally lost it's awesomeness after that, because I sat there going "WTF?!"

Second one I attended was Death Metal in a warehouse that was my Uncle's band. It was awesome.

Now with pain free time, I think I'll be ready to attend more. :D


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for some newer jazz, not that miles monk and coltrane have lost their luster

Medeski martin and wood is a great band... all their albums are fantastic, particularly the one they released with jazz guitarist John Scofield... the album is called   a go go

also mr scofield's albums are really good as well. 

For some in between jazz and rock try The Steve Kimock Band.... he is one of my favorite guitar players of all time

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For another good intersection between jazz and rock, check out Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers, particularly the live stuff, like "Here come the Noisemakers," and the soon to be released "Bride of the Noisemakers."

Pure jazz fans should try Bruce's "Camp Meeting," with Christian McBride and Jack DeJohnette.

And for Bluegrass, "Ricky Skaggs and Bruce Hornsby."

Can you tell I'm a fan?

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Man, I love your taste in music too Tommy!

As must be apparent by now, I like just about all music.  It all  has its time and place.  About the only genre I don't like is rap, hip-hop.  But then, who said that is music?

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finally steve miller was number 3

i saw steve miller, miles davis, and neil young on the same bill at fillmore east in 1969(!)

I read that Miles Davis called Steve Miller a "no playin' mother crappity smacker"

Im sure he did not say crappity smacker.

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I could see that... Steve miller certainly isnt a great player... Just a good song writer. I just said he was my 3rd concert not that Im a huge fan, although you have to admit that greatest hits album is pretty sweet.

funny story: The grateful dead met miles davis once and they were all talking and they said "Miles, you have all these long songs like we do but we have to do this stupid thing where we break them up into pieces and call them different songs so we can get paid" He replied "thats cuz ya gots to get paid by the minute like we do"

Jerry was no crappity smacker

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I dont like country all that much (even though I feel that today's country is more americana with twang and a drawl) but there is this really cool show on CMT called crossroads where they take a mainstream artist and put them with a country artist and they do some shows and practices.... They get both bands out on the stages

the jimmy buffet zac brown band was really good.

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Ok, shameless plug time. You can check out my "country" band.....or alternative country as we like to call it. You can find us on iTunes or cdbaby.com

The band is Junkyard Angel and the name of the CD is. "Medicine Jar"

It's 8 original songs we recorded in Athens, GA in January 2009.


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