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O2 suppliers that sell tanks?


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Hi Everyone, 

15 years since my first CH, and I am finally setting myself up with oxygen. Luckily, I already have a CH specific oxygen prescription from my headache doctor and my insurance will cover oxygen, but the medical suppliers in NC only lease the equipment out monthly. My remission periods are usually 2-3 years long (knock on wood) so I would like to buy the equipment up front. I don't mind trying the welding route but wanted to ask if anyone knows any DME/med O2 suppliers that sell (and not just lease) tanks? I've already called Apria, Lincare, other local ones. Tanks in advance :)

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I don’t mean to respond with irrelevant information but did you say you are in North Carolina? I am moving there in 2024 and would love to know who your doctor is so I can have my oxygen once I move as well. I have oxygen script down here in FL. Thank you! 

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...hi be23...welcome....i make no assumptions so some of this may not apply...

.....get yourself an Optimask from ClusterO2 Kit - Clusterheadaches.com - Online Store the shop masks are crap...

....your e cart and a 15-25+ lpm regulator from Amazon/Ebay....shop will want to lease at ridiculous prices

...rethink buying "a" tank....you are gonna need at least 3 e's or 2 m-60's. tho tanks don't really expire they do have "expiration dates" that O2 companies have to comply with. testing/recert required periodically..... and they may refuse to refill an uncertified tank and/or private. if you buy ask ahead if they will...

...it may be different now but i refused to monthly lease tanks from Lincare....just did an exchange as needed....worked great. running it by your insurance company may help....your argument being lower cost....the shop more likely to listen to them than you...

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Thank you for the info Jon.

Yes, I have already ordered the ClusterO2 mask and regulator! 

A point I had not considered re: certification. I will be sure to ask if I decide to purchase a tank/get reimbursed by my insurance. Thanks for this!

It seems that DME companies now have a flat access fee of say $130 per month to "access" their equipment. This does not include the actual oxygen content used. For every tank that is filled, there is some smaller charge (I think it was $45 for a type M tank). This is all covered by insurance, so I don't pay the full amount. Still, the cost to me is around $450 per year to "access" their equipment plus however much oxygen I get filled.

I would like to not pay for monthly rental access and have a tank sitting unused for years at a time. What I'm trying to find is a DME supplier who will sell me/my insurance a tank  so that I can have one at my disposal for the first few headaches in a cluster. That will buy me enough time to get the whole rental thing with Apria, Lincare, etc. started for the rest of my cluster.

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