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Reform Conference

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OK, so there are three of us so far that want to attend and need the financial scholarship.  Anyone else???  Jeebs?

I have to let her know something Monday, so if you would like to attend and need help let me know now.  Please PM me and include your contact info along with the dates you would like to attend (for the hotel rooms) and whether you need help with airfare and registration fees.


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I would love to go however...I am responding late and do not have the funds. I would support this effort any way I could though. Just in case you wanted to go with someone that is not named Bob let me know...lol Hi Bob, Oh Hi Bob how do you  keep so many Bobs in a row... ;D


the bb

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Here's a report on Clusterbuster's appearance at the International Drug Policy Reform Conference in L.A.


The conference ran from Nov. 2nd to the 5th and was very well attended. Somewhere between 1500 and 2000 people attended.


This was a very well organized conference with people from all walks of life attending and enthusiastically involved in making changes.

The keynote speakers that opened the conference were the California Lieutenant Governor, Gavin Newsom, Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson (who is running for President) and the Drug Policy Alliance Ex. Director Ethan Nadelmann.

Ethan's group is the one that put on the conference and is often on TV talk shows.


I was on the Review and Update on Clinical Psychedelic Research panel with some very distinguished people.

Left to Right, Ralph Metzner, Rick Doblin, Amanda Fielding, Dr. Charles Grob, and yours truly.

Ralph is one of the original psychedelic researchers, working alongside Tim Leary in the 60s and has continued as a professor, researcher and an author since.

Rick Doblin of MAPS whom many of you know as being responsible for most of the psychedelic research ongoing worldwide.

Amanda Fielding, Ex Director of the Beckley Foundation in the U.K. which is involved in a wide range of research in the UK.

Dr. Charles Grob of the UCLA Medical Center has conducted some very important groundbreaking studies using MDMA, Psilocybin and Ayahuasca, and is one of the leading researchers in the US.

It was quite the honor to be on a panel with such a distinguished group of people.

What I found most rewarding was that the organizers thought enough about cluster sufferers and our story, and the importance of the research, to include us on this panel.


We were able to get our story out to a lot of influential people that were more than interested in our work, our condition, and our missions.

From the opening of the conference, Kaboom was relentless in lobbying for Clusterbusters and our various missions. Meeting with politicians, researchers and anyone that might be of help to us in the future and would listen.

We had several meetings with researchers (some of which approached us following our presentation) to begin discussions on future projects. Some of which are very promising and important. Discussions included possible clinical trials and research on everything from brain imaging to PTSD as well as new treatment options.

I cant thank Kaboom enough for her contributions to our progress at the conference and helping gain support for our work. She spent the weekend walking throughout the conference meeting rooms, passing out our informational brochures (which she also designed) and building interest.


The presentation made a big impact upon the attendees. Since almost no one there knew anything about clusters (when we started the weekend) we opened with the video clip of Chuck (thank you again Chuck) and it didn't take long for people to understand the importance of the subject. Some people had to leave the room until the video clip was over.

All in all, I feel the conference was a huge success for CB in that we gained a great deal of support, including from some very influential people and organizations.

Our new contacts will be of help in not only future research but also in what we hole to be able to do in both advocacy work and education.

Speaking of which, out next scheduled appearances will be in March in Washington DC. We're working on details now and should have some announcements soon.


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Bob B - thank you so much for applying for the scholarship.

Thanks Kaboom, but it is you and Bob that we all should be thanking for all of your dedication and hard work.  I'm sorry I was unable to attend, but will try to be there at the next one.  This seems to be one of the most promising avenues we've explored so far.

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