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Preliminary report - experiment with GABA

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Well, with the neurontin, it's known to work on neuropathic pain. Lyrica is just a modified version of it...

Tegretol also is supposed to help neuralgia.

Depakote is used for migraines, along with some mental disorders, along with working on GABA.

From my own past experience, they like using anti-convulsants on migraines.

Shit, a lot of what is used on us is what's used on people with migraines. Or neuralgia. Etc etc.

So... The list kinda goes like this. Steroids? Indomethacin? Other Nsaids? Migraine meds? Calcium Channel Blockers? Anti-convulsants?  Anti-Neuralgia meds? I might be forgetting one or two classes of drugs used on us.

(And no, seriously, I've been asked about ALL OF THESE by neurologists. It was by my suggestion we tried Baclofen and Zanaflex when everything else fucked me up or failed.)

I dunno man.


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Ricardo, no offense, but I'm extremely in tune with my CH and how the animal behaves. The changes in my sleep cycles and quality were instantly quantifiable, and I got 20+ days of relief. I've never had 2 consecutive days of relief, let alone 20. And I'm still cruising along relatively pain free, even after my recent little setback.

Sorry, guess I wasn't really paying attention to your situation and how long you've gone pain free.  Going from chronic to having more than 20 days pain free is no joke...Just getting your sleep right could do wonders--I hope this keeps up and more people try this.  Who knows, maybe it would be a great addition to Batch's ant-inflammatory cocktail...


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Short story of my experience with GABA.

I had about 3 PF days in Dec. That ceased on 12-27 or 28.

I quit taking Lyrica and Melatonin which I used to take at night and started GABA. Two 750's at night. I had immediate relief. Even dreaming. Some days no shadows and others a few. Focus was very good and memory improved.

I added B complex at night shortly after the GABA.

Took a trip south from Jan 4-8. O2 stayed in the truck! Did not need it even once. 8-)

Returned up the mountain with no CH. A weather front was moving in and NO CH. That never happens in cycle. :)

Currently I take 3 120mg of verapamil, D3 per the board recommendation, 3 GABA 750 and 2 B complex. I take one GABA in the afternoon and 2 about 8pm. When GABA is taken at bedtime, I have a rocky time if I have to get up before a few hours of sleep. IE: I run into things! And, it seems to make me need to hit the head a lot. I decided to take it when I am most prone to hits. Also, instead of becoming sleepy, I get antsy. Restless and itchy. No hives, just surface itchy. When I am not trying to sleep, I don't notice the itchy part or it doesn't start at all.

Yesterday, I had one CH, aborted with O2 in 5 minutes.

Miosis developed with the CH, as it always does now.  >:(

Pupil will only dilate to 1/2 to 2/3 the size of the other.

My GABA schedule is based on my CH schedule. Afternoon and evening dose when I would normally have pain.

While it has only been about two weeks, I am really pleased with the results. I have been able to cut back to one coffee during the day instead of two. While I still won't do the 'beer' test, I can drink potato vodka with no issues.

I am more focused and no longer need constant lists of what to do! Gone is the feeling of running a V8 on 5 cylinders with my head and ass not wired together. Doing rather complex math problems in my head again is amazing. ;D

Monday, I have to go down the mountain again for an eye exam that will last all day. We will see how I handle the lower pressure upon returning home. Drs don't believe the lack of dilation in low light and one iris is changing color rather dramatically. In my guess, both are tied to CH.

This means that at this point, I am only taking Verapamil and Singulair on a regular basis. I had cut the Verap down to a half at night, but with travel I went back up to a 120mg dose. All other icky meds have been deleted from my schedule. Lots of Vitamins though!

I have Valium for muscle pain due to back surgery, but I only take one once or twice a week, not daily as prescribed. I do not take it at night, generally in the am when taken at all. Also have eliminated Progesterone from the daily list.

I will update next week about the trip and any effects it has. These last 15 days have been great! :)


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