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is this good


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Here's to you Mrs. Robinson,

Sorry about that greeting, but I couldn't help myself. Don't suppose anyone else has brought up that song to you before. :)

In regards to your question, I am not familiar with Sporesstore.com.

I do however; know about "The Spore Works". I have been very happy with their service and products. I have never had a failure with their spores. I usually order their special 4 pack of syringes, at around $35 plus shipping. I am not a connoisseur on the subject, but the end result of good medicine is more than OK.

I don't know what method you are lookings for, but their web site should help you decide.

"We'd like to help you, to learn to help yourself." ( just more lyrics from Simon and Garfunkel )


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Funny - No Never No One Has Ever sang that song to me.... Never... NOT... it's ok... if it makes you happy. My name Is Mrs. Robinson.

Thank you very much for the tip. We have a long way to before that treatment. Husband is on super heavy narc. Weening down now - about another 20 weeks and should be ok... by then I should be ready with alternatives.

Was told by some wonderful people today to up his O2 to 25ml. New Rx called in today and hope to have the next canisters tomorrow - thurs at the latest.

We have to start slow and here.... too much at risk with intermingling.... don't want to waste any new therapies.

Thank You Leslie for the welcome.

In the past 24 hours I have got more help, support, understanding than 10+ years of neurologists!


loves and hugs.

Deidre R.

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what are the risk factors regarding these sites...  i live in new york and dont much care for being arrested...  but would like to give this route a shot...

There is nothing illegal in shipping or ordering spores in 47 states. New York is one of the 47. I believe the three states that do not allow spores are California, Georgia and idaho. Someone may want to confirm those three or correct them. I do know for sure that its perfectly legal to order and have them shipped to New York.

The sites that sell them will normally tell you whether or not they can send them to you. They don't want any trouble either.


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ugh...its not bad enough "my friend" has had cluster headaches for the past 20 years, but he starts doing research into the magical mushrooms that have helped so many sufferers only to find out that since he lives in CA he is screwed since spores wont be shipped here. i am sure he is not the only person on this board to have the misfortune of living in CA. anyone have a plan B?? anyone know of any spore retailers in oregon or nevada where he could drive and pick some up?

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pick the closest town in a state nearby and have the spores general delivery at that towns local post office. What I have allways used was a friends house outside of the state I reside in, and then have them reship them to me from a nonsuspect addy instead of the spore vendors having to put themselves at risk. If you still have issues on getting them contact me I have to know someone who will take the risk for you.

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