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  1. Like usual I show up and they all leave....
  2. I have everything listed so far and more... Well except the eczema and horner's. My Eczema turned out to be psoriasis and my psoriasis turned out to be Psoriatic arthritis. yeah lol No horners but I do have a droopy eye most of the time. No receding hair line either, I look a lot like BB's.
  3. 297MG that's a ton of lsd. What the hell were they thinking. Bogus study should have never been published. It looks to me like they had planned on killing the elephant before they even injected him.
  4. Kristi all of those will make your headaches worse, but the painkillers are probably the worst of the bunch. In 2003 or 2004 I had a tumor in my stomach that I had removed and took a bunch of Percocet for the pain and it caused the worst cycle of clusters I have ever had. I was episodic before that surgery and turned chronic after it, I really feel it was the painkillers the did it. I recommend stopping the methadone as soon as possible, if you are still in a lot of pain ask for a different painkiller and see if that makes a difference.
  5. Testosterone therapy is fairly new and the steroids(testosterone) used are much safer than most of the steroids used by bodybuilders. Bodybuilders stack several different types of steroids to elevate the T levels far beyond normal this causes natural testosterone to drop as the body doesn't want excess so after stopping they crash. With the low doses used you could stay on them for years(or forever) with no ill effects. The doctor isn't going to get you to become a bodybuilder but will get your levels to normal. Also to point out be sure your doctor know what they are talking about when it come to T therapy, the normal levels are from 200-1000 and 99.9% men will fall in that range. The key is to know where you should be for your age a 20 y/o will be closer to 1000 and a 90 y/o closer to 200. I am 40 and had been told my T levels are normal by one doctor then the next says they are low. > My # was around 400 and should be 600 for my age. I started T therapy about a month ago with no changes in headaches but I have not had my levels check yet so I could still be low. CH
  6. Runnin' shine causes headaches??? :-? I am going to have to quit my side job if this is true...... Goodies are alright, I like them and do the same thing as Adam. Toss one in the mouth and chug and energy drink. I don't know if it help my headache but I like the way it tastes and the way it fizzes in my mouth. I have also been known to chew four asprin and chug an energy drink, its the same thing as goodies powder and cheaper.
  7. Well to a point 1 eye is right excess O2 and it being dangerous, BUT many people have shown that even 25lpm a large optimask bag can be emptied in one breath. So it depends on the person and I don't think it depends on the persons size either, small people have big lungs too...lol Also I believe that most O2 dangers are caused by increased pressure due to diving or hyperbaric chambers and the amount of time to abort a cluster shouldn't cause any issues unless you are staying on the oxygen for hours you have nothing to worry about. CH
  8. CH-HELL


    Botox helped with my shadows and migraines but does nothing for a CH. I may try it again someday for the migraines but at $1,100 for a vial of botox not including the doctor visit someday may never come. If you have very good insurance give it a try, if you are like me you will try anything once for CH and who knows what doesn't work for some may work for you. CH
  9. But Chicago's a gun-free zone!!! LOL LOL, you read my mind. But Bagdad can't be that bad they have been liberated, right? :-/
  10. WOW. That is like a CH world record. Woot woot! Do you think I can get in the Guinness Book? Yes 15-20g is super high and NOT recommended and anyone taking that much is going to trip WAY too much. I always do it on a empty stomach and drink it as a tea with the solid fungi strained out. Eating that much dry fungi would make me sick for days if I didn't make it as tea, if a tea is made properly it will be just as active as eating them but much less stomach discomfort. When took the mega dose I had been getting beat up with Clusters for weeks and had taken a small about six days prior. I was a little stressed and needed a break so I decided to dose big I weighed 10g and put it in a pot to make tea. It didn't look like that much in the pot so I tossed at least 10 more grams in but I didn't weigh it. The dose was extreme and I don't think it helped anymore than 7g would have. 5-7g is my normal dose and is still high for a CH dose. I suggest you start low .5-1.5 grams and see how your body reacts, if you have chemicals in your body you may need a higher dose. There is no test except taking them to find out where you are and how you are going to react to them. CH
  11. That is a hard question to answer. Everyone is different when it comes to this, for some .5g is plenty and shouldn't cause a trip. Others like myself need higher doses exceeding that of a normal person. [smiley=shocked.gif] For me if I dose too low it just stirs things up and causes more headaches and ruins my chance to dose again for 3-5 days so I just always go high. But a high dose for you may be a low dose for me, it all depends on the person and how they react to the meds. I have taken 15-20 dry grams before, this is the extreme high end and is not a recommended dose for anyone........ Now of course it is going to make a difference if you eat a large meal and then take .5g you aren't going to get much if anything in your system. CH
  12. LOL, yes BB I was an Army medic and we would go out and party all night get a couple hours sleep and then wake up hang over and have to run 10 miles. We would give each other IV's and suck O2 and have no problem. So I guess I can only say it doesn't work for my migraines, ice pick and shadow headaches. I forgot to add that hangover headaches are caused from dehydration. The blood doesn't flow as well so it doesn't carry as much O2 to the brain that is why O2 worked for you but normally the headache will come back if you don't rehydrate.
  13. Chinese food and MSG go hand in hand. They probably have it under a different name, something long to confuse people. First CH hit was after a stressful day of work(Army) and I had just sat down on my couch starting to relax and BAM! They woke my up out of a sound sleep for months straight after that until I seen a Neurologist and started Verapimil. I really don't know if it was the Verapimil because they all ways come back even if I am taking verap. I was 21 years old when they started. :-/ I also tried everything from having teeth pulled to sinus surgery to help with no results. For the past ten years or so I haven't had to worry about them coming back because I turned chronic after having stomach surgery and taking a bunch of pain killers. CH
  14. A standard non-rebreather mask can be altered to work. Cut the straps off, tape over the holes and replace the bag that was on it with a larger bag(ziplock or trash bag). For me the mouth piece doesn't work as well but everyone is different, I tend to breath through my nose and that doesn't work with a mouth piece also the cold air hurts my teeth and feels good on my sinuses. CH
  15. Only a 14% difference from the placebo group. I have several types of headaches and I know O2 doesn't do much for other headaches, you don't get the pain drain like you do with a cluster. It was a good find CHfather keep up the good work but this one I have to disagree with even though I wish O2 worked for all types of head aches I know it doesn't for me. CH
  16. Does anyone have any experience with Bromocriptine? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bromocriptine I ran across this while researching Hypersomnia but it looks as it may help with CH also. Phil
  17. Hoping you will have plenty of pain free time this year. If there is ever anything I can do don't hesitate to ask. CH
  18. Welcome and it sounds like things are working great for you. As for your question if you are pain free you may want to wait 7-10 days to bust again and after that just do a maintenance dose every 3-6 months. Hope you have happy holidays and your pain free time lasts forever. CH
  19. Hope everything goes well and you have a very successful bust. I remember the days of trying to ween myself off imitrex and how scared I was to not have my trex, I felt like a crack addict needing a fix. I still carry my injector but avoid it at all costs and know that the trex road is not a road I want to go down again. CH
  20. Sorry to hear this. I personally never had any problems with Vitamin D and have been taking it for years now, but I have never taken it in fluid form. I have taken gelcaps 500,000iu once a week and what I take now is 900mg pills twice a day. If he continues try changing to the daily pills instead of the massive dose all at once. I would be very hesitant to take another dose of it if that is the only thing he changed. When is the last time Jan used imitrex/triptans? I would take a heavy dose of Vitamin M tomorrow if I was him. I hope thing settle down for him. :-* CH
  21. WOW.... My hand hasn't turned me on in 20 years yet I have had chronic clusters for the last ten. Elliott you may have a PHD in masturbation but you sir are NO neurologist. CH
  22. Good to know about the Jet Dry. How much do you use? Haven't gotten to the point of making a spore syringe yet but hope to in the future. Thanks! I add one drop to a 1/2 pint of water before I sterilize it. CH
  23. HaR is correct adding Karo will make it a LC. You wouldn't want to use an entire print to make an LC, one drop of spore solution is good to make a 1/2 pint of LC. As for the water used to make the spore syringes it doesn't matter as long as it is sterile. Adding a drop of Jet dry(the stuff you use in a dishwasher)to the sterile water will help keep the spores from clumping together. CH
  24. Try using Tinfoil for your next prints. Use a piece of foil about twice the size as the cap and place the cap on one half of the foil. It is best to do this in a glove box but you can do it in a clean room and just put a clear tub or jar over the foil while printing, take the print 18-24 hours will be good for the best amount of spores to drop after you have a good print remove the cap and allow the print to dry for a few hours then just fold the foil in half and fold all the edges to keep the print sealed, this will keep the print viable for years. When you want to use the print I don't recommend using an thing sharp to scrape them off as you will damage the spores. You can make a loop out of a paper clip and with some sterile water place a drop on the print and lightly rub it with the sterile loop then all you need to do is pour them into a sterile shot glass with some water in it and draw it up into syringes. One print can make up to ten 10cc syringes. I hope all that made sense. CH
  25. 99.9% of "mushrooms" used are P. Cubensis and the name on the syringe doesn't matter, so please don't confuse strain with actual types of mushrooms. P. Cubensis has many different names but is still a cubensis. Now if you think it is a cubensis and it is a Ps. Azurenscens or P. Cyan.. That is a different strain and would do different things but like I said if it is a normal cube they are all the same. CH
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