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A day w/out CHf is like an orange w/out sunshine!


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Dagnabbit when there's the gaping absence of CHfather not posting for 4-5 days in a row it just ain't the same 'round here!  :'(

He deserves a break now and again but I'll be glad when he brings that organized clear head back here, sorts stuff out and especially helps the noobs with his usual dishing of the most concise, targeted info and advice known to clusterkind.  :) 8-)

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Still no CHf. :'( This has gone beyond a chat attack now Spiny. So far beyond. :(

Can a person be legally forced to come back and post messages on here? I'll check with my lawyer, it's time to explore all options.  :D

Or does CHf like candy? Maybe we can lure him back with candy.


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I'm kinda worried. D: Does anyone have contact with him so we can know he's alright? I lost his phone number otherwise I'd be checkin'!

ETA: You can definitely lure me with candy. I will climb into the candy van. Or you can lure me with Lush bath products. Those will also draw me near.

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