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Just received this via email.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for registering with us as one of over 700 people who are

awaiting BOL-148 to treat their cluster headache (and thanks to the

migraine people as well). This is our first communication and on behalf

of Entheogen I would like to provide some updates and answer some

recurring questions.

We are still trying to get enough funding for our 9-month ADME/Tox

animal safety study, which is required before we can launch our Phase II

clinical trial at 10 centers in Germany and Austria. While we have some

investors, we cannot proceed until we source all the required funds.

It's difficult to ask people suffering these terrible headaches to be

patient and wait for clinical approvals, and the regulatory process is

often not viewed very favorably, however it is a necessary evil that

keeps thousands of dangerous substances from being sold without any

scientific evidence that demonstrates safety and efficacy.

Between the economy and the Life Science industry, we are trying to

raise money during the most challenging time in history. Overall,

venture capital and Big Pharma are looking for platform technologies and

are moving away from small companies with a single chemical entity, and

if there is an interest then there is a preference for late stage

clinical assets. This is unfortunate because there are no platforms

working on cluster headache or migraine, and while several startup

companies have raised large sums from VC, they are all working on

abortives and there appears to be no innovation to get excited about.

We have been in contact with Big Pharma who has consistently told us to

come back to them once we have Phase II results to show. For the time

being they are content to sell abortives, where they are heavily

invested, and ignore innovation. We did receive a VC offer last

September, which has been crawling through a long and tedious due

diligence process that has not turned up anything bad regarding our

company or our product.

While this transaction may close in 3-months, we are also pursuing other

options and are in discussions with 4 mid-sized pharma companies

regarding a collaboration. We are still talking to new investors and we

are confident that we will get our funding this year.

Many of you have asked how you can join our clinical trials? When we

announce the start of our trial everyone who has registered at our site

will be notified. As of now, the upcoming trial will only be in Germany

and Austria and there is no additional information available.

We have also been frequently asked if we can help with your cluster

headache? While we are doing everything we can, unfortunately there is

not much we can do for anyone individually. We are a small 3-person

company with limited funds and do not have the time and resources to

respond to people's personal requests. Our mission is to get BOL-148

approved for human consumption, and this will take an unpredictable

length of time. In the meantime, if you are not familiar with

www.clusterbusters.com you may want to take a look and see how members

of this community have been finding relief.

We are eager to get our clinical trials started as quickly as possible,

and we know how difficult it is for everyone suffering these sinister

headaches. We greatly appreciate your strength and courage, your support

and patience, and look forward to eventually ridding the world of

cluster headaches together.


Ari Mello, CEO


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It has been months since I signed up with them, so I was tickled to get an update and see us noted in the letter. 8-)

Imagine, just THREE people there trying to get this off the ground. Just wish I had some VC to invest with them! :'(

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Nope. I am broke.

They are legit. Back track and you will find out that they are the ones trying to get us BOL-148 for treating CLUSTER HEADACHES.

I contacted them about the time I joined this board. Big concern right now is that the Germans will buy them out and we will have to wait a helluva long time for BOL-148.

Sorry more people didn't respond to this. It is news.

edit to add: If I am wrong, then I would appreciate someone who knows Entheogen telling me that I am wrong and being dupped. >:(

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Glad they're legit.

Unfortunately we're living in a world filled with scams. I'm aware of companies that have been in business for decades doing nothing more than spouting BS in order to procure funds for research. They pay themselves well,  but never produce anything but more BS.Truth and honesty seem to have gone the way of the horse and buggy. Theirs still a little of it, but not nearly enough.

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