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Clusterbusters is saddened by the recent announcement that OUCH U.S. has made the decision to close.

OUCH was formed at a time when there was no organization to turn to for cluster headache support. There was no united voice. Born of an idea to get recognition and help for cluster headache sufferers when it was hard enough to just find ANYONE else with clusters, let alone find a doctor that had ever even heard of the disorder.

Over the years, OUCH members have devoted thousands of hours of hard work dedicated to helping others.  Because of their efforts, lives were changed...lives were saved.  Everyone involved should feel proud about stepping up and making a difference.

The hardest work is done when there is no network to rely upon. To change just one life for the better is an accomplishment of which to be proud. To change the landscape of how the suffering of a subset of worldwide human beings is viewed, treated, heard, and most importantly respected, is not only admirable, but heroic.

Thank you all for supporting and improving the lives of so many.

Bob Wold


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I got the letter and almost cried. This is a rotten bean to be sure. Family services has saved lives literally. [smiley=engel017.gif] Very honorable people those headbangers.  [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

They have chosen to close out supporting Clusterbusters as well. ;) We must all take note if there is no support for an organization it will soon be gone. :-? The numbers due to the rarety of our affliction is not in our favor. This applies to support as well as medical study. Click paypal if you can, it just may save a life....literally.

Bummed for sure :'(


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This is truly sad news Bob.  I am assuming that OUCH U.K. and OUCH Canada are still alive and well?

Anyone know ... is Elaine (one of the original OUCH founders) still with us?  I haven't heard from her for a long time.  She was the first clusterhead I ever met in person, and has always held a special place in my heart.

Bob Bowling

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