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OK, another question for everyone.

Do you worry, when going to an event, or even just work, what would happen if you got attacked while there?

I have an all-day archery competition in a few hours. I had just experienced over 2 weeks cluster free. But had a bad one 2 nights ago, and a headache off and on ever since. Not a good sign for me, so I'm stressing over having a cluster while trying to shoot.

Just curious if other people fret over such things too.


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Cluster wise, really good. No need to worry, there really seldom is. In reality, I rarely have clusters when I'm out and about, but often worry about it.

I've had a lot of headaches lately though, and a minor cluster while drive to London today.

Archery - shooting wise - not that great. Was a very cold, windy day, with a bit of rain. Not the best shooting conditions. And, I've been so busy lately I haven't been shooting as often as I like. But, I enjoyed it and it was a good day out. Was nice to shoot outside again after months of shooting in doors.

I wish I could shoot more, it is very relaxing and requires a lot of focus.


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In a word, yes.

Which is why I have an oxygen tank at home, one in the car, and one in my office. Each has its own regulator with a DISS fitting, and all I have to do is disconnect the wonderful demand valve that a cluster fairy delivered to my house recently.

I worry. But I am also blessed beyond belief.

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Sometimes when I m close to cycle i get anxious. Or when I know one is on its way after the initial shadows.

Oh will you teach me to shoot a bow? I mean I'm great with a gun but I'm looking for new and improved ways to kill hog and javelina. I got bored with using an assault rifle hahahaha

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