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My O2 Company Has Lost Their Mind


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So I've not needed them in some time, but had three empty "E" tanks laying around so thought I should get them filled.  Just incase a cycle snaps on me from left field, I'd be ready.  (Thus far regular dosing has kept the attacks COMPLETELY away.. yahooo) :)

A few weeks ago I contacted Apria here in Tampa, FL to exchange out three tanks.  (I think I just ran into what others have been reporting...)  I've always just payed about $8 to $10 per exchange, one time charge.  Got a bill a few days ago for $150...  Called them and they told me they now only RENT "E" tanks for $30 a month and my insurance now won't cover E tanks for clusters. WTF....  They expect me to put a Fing "M" tank in my car???

If I milk it, I can get an E to last three attacks, but no way I'm paying $90 a month just to have a few tanks laying around incase I get hit... 

I'll be dropping these three sealed tanks off at Apria...  Likely I'm about to go the welding gas route....



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My &^%$## insurance company is denying me coverage for O2 this year as well for the first time. Had I not found CB and been converted to busting I would be completely screwed because of it.

I hear you about wanting to have it just in case. I have 2 E tanks at home ( first year without an M tank at home) that I have not had to use yet because of busting and I keep wondering if I should return them. I have decided to wait until I am waaaaaaaaaaaay out of cycle first though and if it costs $100.00/month for that peace of mind then so be it. However I am episodic, not chronic ( Thank God!).

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I think Big Insurance, Big Medical and Big Pharm just love to screw with us.

I'd never wish one occurrence of even an average CH on anyone, but sometimes you'd just like for them to enjoy the experience once.  THAT might change some minds!

I also get my O2 from Apria and I rent their tanks.  The "E" size lasts me 4-5 CH's and I get six at a time.  Never any charge and delivered anytime I need.  I go through Kaiser Medical with no hassles at all.  My doctor has been wonderful.  I'm sure Apria charges Kaiser an "arm and a leg" for refills, but who cares.  Medical insurance is pretty reasonable.

I own several personal tanks of smaller sizes to keep in the car and travel with.  Filling them has been a nightmare and I've switched companies three times in the last two years.  Now that O2 is a "controlled substance" in California, fewer companies are allowed to help us poor CH sufferers.  Another good opportunity to share the CH experience.

I go with Kika's thoughts ......... Hate to be without it!!

PFD's to you,


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My oxygen bills are roughly $500 here in Finland per month (when in cycle) and about $250 per month to have a bottle just in case. It's a business built in our sickness back here. I have 2 written documents from local hospital (written by 2 different doctors) that I should not have to pay for O2 at all, it should be normal health care as a citizen in my town. The head doctor has dismissed these documents and made me pay these for years and years, I think there has to be some kind of almost conspriracy here; head doctor probably benefits in the form of money, or something. Needless to say I have been broke for years. O2 equals staying alive for me.

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Salander  wow, that's expensive...  And for something that already makes up 21% of the air we breathe every day our entire lives is crazy...

Apria definitely gets my thumbs down...  They picked up the three tanks today and dropped a bill for $262.  I should charge them for storage of the tanks!!  Their billing is even more messed up than that.  The driver tried picking up a 15 lpm regulator that mysteriously ended up on my bill, they NEVER gave me. 

On a good note :)  the local welding gas supplier will exchange a 150 cf welding gas cylinder with oxygen for only $21 ..  Wahoo...  That's equal to about 4 'E' tanks. :)

It's a no brainer now...  over $1,200 a year to get a few small loaner tanks or $21 to fill a large tank I own and can keep as long as I want (until I never need it.. :) :) )

My only other expense is to pickup an O2 clean regulator for use with the new tank.



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Jeff, I'm sure you either know this or don't need it, but just in case, here are some sources for regulators besides eBay (for eBay, it's http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p5197.m570.l1311&_nkw=medical+oxygen+regulator&_sacat=See-All-Categories):

The first three sell regulators of 25 lpm or more, as well as 15 lpm regulators, and the first one sells demand valves, too (I'm pretty sure Flotec also has demand valves).





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I guess I like Texas....

My BIG tank is leased from West Air. They provide welding and medical O2 together with other gasses.

My big tank leases for $42 per year and I bought two small tanks for the truck. My refills require a doctors prescription yearly and cost $9 for the big un and $6 for the small ones.

I've got it made and didn't know it.

WTF....it's effing air >:(

Best wishes to all, hope to see everyone at the blackjack table :)


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I recently cancelled my health insurance, and I still get H tanks for $30 bucks, delivered. These are the huge ones, they are like 5 ft tall and weigh like 100+ lbs. Liquid medical grade O2.

You may want to find a medical supply company that has a contract with Apria or another specialty gases company and go through the medial supply center instead of the  specialty gas company.

On top of that i get an E tank, probably once a month, at no cost, just to keep in my car.

The H tank lasts me about 7-9 days, I'm chronic... 3-5 attacks a day...

There has to be someone out there that wants your business, at a reasonable cost of course.

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That brings out the entrepreneur in me :)

ClusterBuster Oxygen Co.

We can do like the hospitals and charge $5000 per cylinder to those who have insurance and free for those of us who don't.

The profits will be blackjack house money.

How can we loose? :D

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