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dosing RC seeds


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Good on you for starting this new thread, M'k!  Re-posting below the relevant parts of my answer on the other thread to your similar questions (just to keep the thread clear).  Before that . . . When you say oxygen doesn't work for you, have you tried it at higher flow rates (25 lpm or more)? Have you tried an O2ptimask?  Using a "hyperventilating" style of breathing?  All of those things have made O2 effective for people who thought it didn't work (or had stopped working) for them.  For that matter, when you tried it and it didn't work, did you have a flow rate of at least 12-15 lpm and a non-rebreather mask??

If your question is whether it's okay to dose with RC seeds while taking prednisone, just in case the seeds might somehow work, I don't know the answer to that.  Have you experienced any effects from the seeds on your attacks, even a temporary worsening of the attacks, or them coming at odd times?  That might indicate that you're getting what are called "post-dose hits," and post-dose hits suggest that the RC might be working.

But of course most people here would urge you to try to get off all meds that can block busting and then give busting a fair test.

[My previous post at the other thread] >>>Michelek, it is generally thought here that prednisone will block the effects of seeds. 

Do you have oxygen as an abortive (that might help you get off the prednisone)?

If you're talking about RC seeds, I think most people here would consider 20 a pretty small dose. . . but, again, that's probably not relevant if the prednisone is blocking busting anyway.

PS: If you're planning on staying in touch with this forum, you might be better off to start a new thread.<<<<

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Yes Michelek, as is common, the 15 lpm with regular mask doesn't work for me either, but I and many others find higher LPM hyperventilation with a non-rebreather mask can really abort those attacks, and as CHf mentioned, it can help get you detoxed from the prednisone and able to bust.  :) 8-)

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Incrementalism I believe is the way to go. Much like the gov't robbing citizens of their freedoms--just a bit at a time.

I have found that 35 RC seeds do the trick. Had no luck with more, no luck with less. After ingesting aimlessly for months here's what eventually worked: Every 10 days or so I'd add another 5 beginning at 20. So, basically in one month I found what worked at 35. I left a fairly long time between doses to let the effects 'set in' and to be sure of efficacy.

If/when this trick does not work, I shall revert back to HBW and do similar build-up to again, find relief.

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Hiya :)

I've busted quite a bit with seeds, and have just recently switched to shrooms.

I did 12 RC busts all together, my smallest dose being 30 seeds, and largest was 58. Most doses were between 46 - 50 seeds. By enlarge, the trip effect for me was the same from 30 seeds to 58, with my first time ever being the worst because I felt a little sick for an hour.

Probably worth saying that I was chronic for over a year before busting, with up to 5 attacks every 2-3 days. Since busting, I've had PF gaps of 20 days and more. Something I hadn't experienced for some 18 months before busting.

Oh, just remembered. There was one experience I had with seeds that I didn't enjoy. I had let the seeds soak for 12 hours. Some people find this helps them a lot, again, made me feel really ill.

The routine I settled into is:

1. pour all my seeds into a shot glass with water.

2. with tweezers, remove and discard all the seeds that float to the surface.

3. From the remaining seeds that sink, count out how many you want to take.

4. Crush

5. Put in a shot glass with fresh water and a little lemon juice.

6. Let soak for 2 hours.

7. Strain through a tea filter into a fresh shot glass, and squeeze all the juice out of the sludge you can.

8. Down solution in one and chase with a glass of fresh water.

I don't eat 2 hours before busting, and wait 90 minutes after I bust to eat or drink anything. I also usually put a film on to watch after I bust. Usually a comedy or romance. Something I don't mind sleeping through, as the seeds will make me tired for a bit.


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