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Wow, slapbacks are a .....

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Wow, kick backs are a <insert swear word of your choice>.

Busted with shrooms Friday night, and have been in Hell nearly ever since. Clusters are longer, stronger, coming at more erratic times and more times a day than my average for the last few months.

I'm trusting on the saying that things gotta get worse before they get better. And I know this is a good sign, as my normal routine is being shaken at its foundations.

It just hasn't been a very nice few days though.

My plan is to bust again this week, maybe Friday, maybe Thursday. And keep busting till I kill it, or run out of shrooms.

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I would like to take this opportunity to insert my swear word of choice, because it both sux and bloze that the slapback phenomenon has found you.  >:(

Seems some of us experience slapbacks, some don't, and this is definitely an occasion for those of us who haven't had the slapback pleasure to thank a lucky start or 3!  :o

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Try using a sput (small piece under tongue) for the really bad post dose hits. I thought I'd die the first time and then somebody suggested that. Use sparingly. I only used a sput for the first morning hit, after no sleep. That would buy me a few hours of sleep. A shroom cap is about the right size.

I'm not sure but it has been suggested if you use too many it could screw up the next dose. Consider giving that a try.

        wishing you some relief     Leslie

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Slapbacks! That's it. I knew kick backs wasn't right, but my brain wasn't working enough to figure it out. LOL

I'm working from home this week. Which is grand as I travel A LOT with my job, and is nice to sleep in my own bed for a change. Although, I tend to get more clusters at home on a normal basis, let alone after busting.

I lost 90 minutes of work this morning because of a cluster, and the recovery time afterwards.

I haven't had them this bad before.

I'm planning to bust 5 times, and hoping it all gets better as I go.

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