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Does sleep state weaken the effect of mushrooms?


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One thing I have been wondering for few years and have not found an answer anywhere on the internet so I decided to ask you good folks.

Can going to sleep pretty soon after the dose weaken the effect of mushrooms when treating cluster headaches? By weakening I mean the length of pain free time mushrooms can bring when used off-cycle as a preventative. I have a gut feeling that after dosing one should stay awake and not dose at bed time for an example. In my mind clusters are married to our sleep so this might not be that far fetched.

As as example (my english ain't that great so I am not sure will anybody understand what I am trying to say) : You dose with mushrooms when NOT in cycle and go to sleep right after, you get 3 months of PF time. You dose with mushrooms when NOT in cycle but stay awake the time you feel the "effect" and get 6 months of PF time.

Just a theory but it would be interesting to get solid facts.

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I don't have a firm medical answer, or even an answer from experience.

But, I can't see how sleeping or not sleeping would impact a drug you've put into your body. I can't see sleep altering how psilo works. Now, add alcohol, and you might have a change, at least in the trip. Add another triptan, and you'll reduce it. But sleep???

I would think you are more likely to notice a difference from different strains of shrooms than from sleeping.

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If I have understood correctly from what I have read, our hypothalamus (where we aim with mushrooms) is in different state in sleep and in wake state. I recall there is at least temperature changes (as in cluster attacks). I was thinking you'd like to "hit" the wake hypothalamus. Just my ideas, would be nice to have some real data or experiences if somebody has tested the same batch several times with sleep right after or staying awake. Not many would probably notice the changes in the length of their PF time though, if not paying attention.

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There are too many variables in the equation.

As in you take a maintenance dose every month or three months. If you dose every three months and you normally cycle every six months then the same dose may work at three months and fail at six months. Or, you dose monthly and for five months it 'works' but on month six it fails. What failed? Don't know. Perhaps the dragon was just sleeping for five months and then woke up. >:(

Sort of like your Verap worked for nine months but now you are ramping up for a cycle and it is not working. Did it really work for nine months or was the dragon asleep? Don't know. Why? Because the beast morphs based on many conditions or no conditions. And he does not put a 'Do Not Disturb' note on the door when sleeping.

I have thought stuff was working, only to have it fail miserably in the end. Nature of the beast.

The Hypo does many things as I recall. The histamine dump wakes you by warming you for wake-up time. Don't remember where the dump is directed from. Check the Licorice Root protocol if it is still here. It explains a lot.

The way I look at it the Hypo just has a fit. The Trigeminal Nerve gets in the act and you are off to Painville. Some get night-time hits and some days only. WHY? Don't know.

Your best bet is it to try both ways yourself and see if you can discern a difference. This will require a lot of time, due to the nature of the beast, and recording of results to get a viable answer for you. Your answer might be 'you' specific as well.

I don't think it matters. But that is my experience not others.

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