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Playboy ~ Psychedelic Renaissance

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For those of you that would like a reason to pick up a copy of the April Playboy, plus actually read an article......here's your chance ;-)

A good article on psychedelics and medicinal uses, including a mention on our cluster headache treatments....


Rick Doblin is a good friend of cluster headache sufferers and has helped us a great deal in making progress in our research.


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Thanks Bob mate,

IÂ’ve got a hard copy  ;)


Previously in Playboy -

Blood, sweat and serotonin: the master chemist of the psychedelic movement and his 40-year battle with the government

By Mark Boal

PLAYBOY March 2004



Full article here – http://tinyurl.com/4o54sv (maps)

Quote -

“…….A few years ago, on an invitation from Dr. John Halpern, an associate director of Harvard's Biological Psychiatry Laboratory and one of a handful of doctors who believe that psychedelic medicine has a promising future, Shulgin gave a lecture to the psychiatry faculty. "It was a disaster," Halpern recalls. "He told this droll story about some doctor he gave psychedelics to, and you saw the residents in the audience turn white. But the older doctors in the front row, the dinosaurs of psychiatry who remember the 1950s, they were on the edge of their seats, lapping it up."

Almost as fast as he can create them, Shulgin's inventions have been declared illegal in America and around the world. Still, he takes the long view of history and believes that, in the end, the plasticity and variety of psychedelics will spark a new science of the mind. "I don't think it will be from one of the current drugs," he says. "Twenty, 50 years from now some kid will look at all of them and see an interesting thread in the pattern, and something will come from that. It's like the invention of the wheel; you need the wheels and the axle to make a horse and buggy, and then down the line someone makes a sports car." "The idea of developing Sasha's stuff into medicines is a daunting task," says Dr. Halpern. "It would take years and about a hundred million dollars to do the clinical studies on just one of his drugs, and he has hundreds of them. We don't even have all the answers for LSD, let alone his stuff. So I think it will be decades before his work is really even looked at, maybe longer."”


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