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Clusters after 20 years


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Pill form of imitrix really isnt going to help you. Only shots will 

I took Imitrex in pill form many times before I discovered there were alternatives to the pill. My neuro advised Imitrex shots as the fastest acting, but like many others I can take shots with no problem but can't bring myself to do it myself. So the option I took was Imitrex inhalers. We know from recreational drug users the nasal passages provide a quick route for introducing drugs into your system.

Anyway, I rarely use Imitrex anymore. For me nothing is quicker in aborting a CH than oxygen, which totally erases a cluster in 4 to 11 minutes.

Can you sit still during an attack? No is the answer for clusters

That's not a uniform response to clusters. I've had thousands of clusters over 17 years and I think only once did I feel forced to run around in circles in my little apartment. On the contrary, when I get a cluster while awake, I would retire to my bedroom, dim down the lights, turn on some classical music very low, apply a large ice bag to the pain, click on a countdown timer set at 11 minutes, and begin inhaling O2 at 8 lpm with a conventional mask and in 4 to 11 minutes the headache was history. It was such a restful interlude that sometimes it was hard to bring it to an end. Night headaches are a different story, because they have progressed farther by the time they wake you up. At night it's critical to have a kitchen timer to avoid falling back asleep with the O2 still on and sucking the whole tank down.

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As I got older I used to be able to be more calmer but still to this day I go to my garage and actually jog in place - I just cant sit still, sometimes I am on my knees on the floor pulling my hair out or beating the side of my head. I have taken hot baths before and then jumped in a freezing cold shower hoping it would help.

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With my headaches I have to sit up and use an ice pack which I move around trying to get the best relief.  I don't move the imitrex pills are working for me although next time I will push for the injections.  The 30 to 40 minutes waiting for the pill to work is hell but the O2 helps. I have been taking verapamil and have had a better day than I have had since they started.  Hope it is helping but don't want to get my hopes up. :)

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