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This cycle has been like no other and as my doctors are about as much use as a chocolate teapot, I thought I'd ask the most reliable source of CH experts I know to see what they think.

My cycle is mid may/early June through to late Aug/early Sept Bi-annually and always right sided and never more than kip 8.

This years cycle started exactly as it always has done and was continuing as it usually does until the middle of June when I noticed I was getting a few pain free days. I've never had and respite during cycles before but I wasn't about to moan and I stayed off the beer just in case. This seemed to coincide with an unusually prolonged warm spell in the UK and I was gutted to be honest because there is nothing nicer than a cold beer on a hot day after work. June 25th was a particularly hot day and I was guest speaker at a works event. After the event there were free drinks being handed about and knowing that I hadn't had an attack for over a week and an injection in my pocket, I broke and sank 2 of the most glorious beers I have ever tasted. Half an hour later I waited for Leonard to arrive. An hour later I was still waiting and an hour and half later I was actually sinking a 4th. To cut a long story short I got very enjoyably drunk and  didn't get an attack. In fact the good weather and my PF period last for approximately 2 weeks.

When the weather finally broke and we returned to our usual shite British summer weather, guess who returned? This time though he was different. For starters he was on the left and he's never been on the left before. Next he was nowhere near as harsh or as full on. I would say kip 6 max and instead of having pokers stabbing me from front to back and top to bottom etc I just had pokers from front to back. No droopy eye and my nose is only slightly blocked.

Last Tuesday the weather started to improve again, the air pressure rose and my boss took me out for dinner. Thinking of the last period of good weather I decided to put a theory to the test and I sank 2 glorious pints of Guinness. Wonders will never cease. No attack that afternoon or that night. Who fecking ray. I got one the next night though but not last night.

So whats going on with me? Anybody got any ideas. Why has the bastard moved from right to left? Why have I had PF remission periods when I've never had them before? Why are they nowhere near as bad as they were? Despite my protests my Neuro doesn't even think they are CH attacks but I know what a CH attack feels like and these are most definitely CH attatcks. I wouldn't call him an idiot but I would say I'm more of a CH expert than he is because I already have nmore answers than him.

Today the pressure has risen again and I have 4 cans of Stella sitting in my fridge waiting for me. The instant I get home I will crack them one after the other and see what happens. I'm convinced it's the air pressure that is giving me these PF periods as this is the only common factor I can find between the 2 periods.

Your comments would be appreciated guys.

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I don't like Stella  :P has more hops and therefore more soporific, and I would guess it's more likely to get you to see Leonard. :P

I have nothing more intelligent to say than that, else maybe that CH morphes over time, might switch side... barometric pressure sure is a factor but cannot in my opinion explain it all.

You are very brave to do that. I wouldn't.

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Howdydoo Tyke,

Poring over innumerable reports from CH'ers over the years, I've definitely noticed a common thread where a given headbanger will often experience a very established and predictable CH pattern that will go on for years or even decades, then outa nowhere the stoopid 'ol McBeast-o-buddy will suddenly and without provocation change things up in ways said headbanging person thought they'd never see. Changing sides for instance. That's actually fairly common.

Barometric pressure is an oft discussed and much loathed trigger for some of us indeed. But for a cycle to halt just due to good weather? I have to admit I don't recall hearing that one before. I'll suggest spending your regularly scheduled CH cycles at the shore in San Diego, California, where the weather is outrageously mild.  ;D 8-) But wait a minute, even THEY have what's known as 'June gloom" - some overcast days, so certain parts of Hawaii, etc. might be preferable still.  :) 8-) (Geographical references are from an admittedly very USA-centric perspective ;D).

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Hey there Tyke,

I've only enjoyed the pleasures of being a chronic Ch'r for about 5 years now, no where near as long as some of the other folks here.  The variation in frequency, intensity and duration (for me at least) has been pretty mild compared to the stories from other's in this group, but it is definitely there.  No explanation or amount of tracking can yeild an answer for me. 

The known triggers will usually cause CH, but not always.  And sometimes no triggers are needed for full blown onset.  The Beast is quite baffling.

The pressure variation seen in typical storms is much less that what usually triggeres CH for most of us.  Driving from valley to mountain and flying in airplanes is a much greater reduction in atmospheric pressure than even the strongest storms.  Granted our individual sensitivity to these triggers is different and certainly varies over time, it is doubtful that changes in the weather could cause such a nightmare for you. 

A hot day, say 90F (32C) with two cold beers will send me screaming.  I can only dream of the day when two glorious pints of Guiness will pass across my lips.

How'd that test go with the Stella's?  Hope you're enjoying the nice, fat ridge of high pressure over England through the end of the week  ;)


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I would like to help but really I can't. The beast has changed it up on me many times. Switching sides is, as Bejeeber mentioned, fairly common (I have experienced it at least twice in 38 years, didn't end up meaning anything). High pressure - low pressure, whatever. I notice those effects, especially when flying (won't get on a plane without a couple of trex shots). Sometimes changes can signal a good shift in your condition (you may loose him completely), so stay positive. But... I have found that just when you think you have him figured out he will kick your ass from another direction completely. So... enjoy your stella and always be prepared for that bastasrd to crash your party. The beast is a predator... a tracker. We, as prey, must just stay one step ahead. Oh, gotta say... love my beer too. Cheers!

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Thanks guys. This really is baffling. I've been back on the beer for almost a week now and have pretty much escaped the beast apart from a mild hit at 1am Saturday night and again last night.  After testing the Stellas last week (they didn't touch the sides by the way) I've tried a few pints of Guiness, Abbott Ale and feeling really brave on Sunday, I sank 3 large Wild Turkeys with no ill effect what so ever.

Yesterday the pressure started falling again and I got hit last night. Co-incidence? I'm not sure but I'm taking clients out to lunch today so a few beers are inevitable. I wonder if I will get away with it or if i'll be running to the toilets for an injection?

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