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Cannabis - Sativa or Indica?


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... better than oxygen in my opinion.....the headache fades away. Very cheap. The state of Maine is kind enough to let me flower six of these through their medical program... 

As far as I'm concerned that's revolutionary to think both aborts and prevention of attacks could be had via natural substances grown right in the home, with much better results and less lingering side effects than any pharmaceutical.

OK maybe I shouldn't be quite so dramatic about it since we've known mushroom SPUTs work well for aborting attacks for CH'ers who've tried them, but sheesh your flowering plants are actually legal in your state, and there should be no concern that aborting with them could cause any "shutting the door" interference with busting with L, M, or RC.

Sounds like you got a really good thing going there.  8-)

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Welcome to the board.  Please start a thread and introduce yourself.  We're pretty much family here and like to get to know each other.  We get spammers on here from time to time.  Having a link to a site selling something in your first post feels like spam, but I suspect you're not.  I removed the link, but left the rest of your post.

Tell us about you, we'd like to get to know you.



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