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Hurting and frustrated...venting


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It's official...i had a most fantastic compounding of pharmacist scouring the globe for the skinny on Sansert. He really did pull out all the stops.  It's a matter of timing and how much you can afford to pay.

My busting supplies have run dry.

My crop moulded out.

Neuro doesn't want to repeat the nerve block because the last one in January saw my migraine and cluster activity pop over to the left side about 25 hours after.

So it's me all the old school abortives.  The trex is staring at me...and now I am inclined to use it.  Oxygen is still helpful thank God.  Aborts about 80% of attacks in 10-20.

Thanks for tolerating my whining and snivelling.  I know y'all are fighting too. 


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Venting: good.

Molding and busting supplies run dry: bad. :'(

I can imagine how your heart must've sunk when you discovered the molding. Dammit.

Regarding sansert, I know it has had some positive mention here in recent times, and some had good results with it, so I hesitate to rain on the parade, but I remember it from when it was widely prescribed back in the day (they were dishing it out like candy!), and BOL-148 it is not. It plain doesn't work for a sizable percentage of us, and even feels quite toxic to some such as myself, so I caution fellow headbangers against counting on it to be some sort of elusive guaranteed CH killer med.

I'm hoping somehow some springtime busting supplies and PF time make it your way ASAP Vickle!

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Hi Vickle ...

Hang tough, know the feeling when your crop fails .... total bummer!   [smiley=sad.gif]

Definitely get it going again.  You know where to get supplies and how to grow, sounds like you need to make the experience pay off.

Cold air and cold water works wonders for me, expecially on those late night hits.

Glad to hear the O2 also helps.  I hate the imitrex too !!

Good luck and PF days!!


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