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Has anyone had success with DHE 45


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Was just wondering if anyone here has used the drug DHE 45 ? Ive tried about everything and every drug out there, but just discovered this option today. Ive also learned to not get hopes up with anything. Ive also busted 5 times over the last few weeks(mushrooms) with no luck. Currently I haven't taken any meds in while, just a lot of 02 every few hours.

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What is DHE 45? Have not heard of it. Does it have another name?

Not getting your hopes up is often the safest option. The cluster demon is a tough nut to crack.

Are you chronic or episodic? If you're chronic, then it can take some time before busting stops things, although if you are busting correctly, you should see, at the least, a difference in the attacks and some improvement after the first couple of busts. Few people bust with no change at all.

Just to put it in perspective, I've been chronic for nearly 8 years, have been busting off and on for the last 2-1/2 years, and I still get attacks. They are a world better than they were before busting, but not gone. Although you may not wish to get your hopes up for a 100% pain free life, there are ways to reduce the Hell.

Have you tried the Vitamin D3 regimen? What about coffee or energy drinks? Sumatriptan?


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Hi brs82,

DHE 45 is dihydroergotamine, hence it is an ergotamine, but one with poor oral absorption. So it is given in other routes- as a nasal spray, under the skin (subcutaneous injection) or intravenously. There is even an inhalation product in late development.

On occasion I admit patients to hospital for DHE intravenously every 8 hours for a few days- works in most people but often the attacks of cluster come back after the therapy. Can give patients a much needed break, emotionally useful, even if the break is only temporary.

I also prescribe DHE vials, then come in packs of 10, and patients can inject under the skin- it is not that hard to do. Patients could use this as a once off abortive, or use it twice to three times a day for 48 hours to try and break the cycle.

While you are on an ergotamine you should not be taking triptans however, and also not any other ergotamine derived substance (hmm).

Those with known cardiac disease or peripheral vascular disease cannot use this treatment.

Hope that helps!

BostonHeadacheDoc   :)

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Thanks for the responses and advice. In regards to Moxie and Vicodine s question , im am chronic . Ive been  on d3 regimen for about a year and half. I started out with a 2 gram dose and gradually went up everytime, my last being 3 grams . The energy drinks and O2 work at times ,but not very often. I have to resort to the immitrex injections at times, works ok for a short period. What I mean by that is after a few days they turn to rebound and then a few days later the shot no longer works, actually makes it worse. I know that sounds crazy but some of my worst hits came that way. By the way I don't take any preventive meds so to speak. Tried several over the years no luck jus bad side effects. Almost forgot to add ive not tried LSD. I did when I was younger just not for medicinal purposes. But on the bright side ill be attending my first conference in Nashville next month. I hope to meet some of you guys there. Thanx again

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Jeez that's one stubborn case of CH you have brs82. :'( Reminds me a bit of the experiences of our forum member Heyupal, who incidentally has had his best luck recently with combo M&L busts. Here's that thread if it holds any interest for you: https://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1406929393

Looking forward to meeting ya at the conference, and ya might even want to compare notes when you're there with yet another stubborn chronic, Dan/Hipshot, who will be there (he's the Texan chap who has found success with the facet nerve blocks when nothing else was working).

One more thing: I really appreciate seeing BostonHeadacheDoc's detailed reply to this topic!

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2-cycles ago I was prescribed DHE to use as an abortive. Came in little glass vials. At the onset of headaches, I couldn't prepare the syringe because of tremors/pain/etc., and because of the syringe, you can't pre-load them and have them waiting (something like the plastic will get into the medicine...

Anyway, I started to give myself an injection about an hour before my typical night time attack would arrive. Me, just like you stated, I would be perfectly fine for the next 23-24 hours or so.

So, I did this day after day knowing that it wasn't the prescribed or recommended method. It was a nice pf time in the middle of a strong cycle but eventually I became tired of giving myself injections (as well my thighs were tired of getting stuck too).

DHE for some has worked wonders with 1 person I know very well actually using it to abort the entire cycle after 2 injections (lucky him). For me, the side effects are too great to over use as a preventive.

Now, I'm onto other things.

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