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Temper temper temper

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Does anyone else get short tempered and mega grouchy when in cycle? I imagine it comes with lack of sleep.

I had a KIP 2 last night, and although it didn't really wake me up, it royally disturbed my sleep and I've been tired and ultra grouchy all day. I suppose you might call it a day of shadows. No distinct cluster attack, but pain here and there, foggy head, no motivation, no energy... you get the idea.

The big problem is that my daughter is visiting this week. She's 11 and full of energy. I've been snapping at her all day and feeling terrible for it.

I just wanna crawl into bed and sleep for a week. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, which isn't like me at all. :(

Rant over.


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I can be a royal asshole during cycle and I think lack of sleep is a huge part of it.  I hate myself on those days.

I’m not sure what I prefer.  I had a day of really bad shadows Sunday and in some ways on days like that, I just want the beast to kick my ass and get it over with.

Hang in tough.  Glad to hear you got some sleep.

PF days to you,


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Hi koctail,

Thankfully, alcohol is not a trigger for me. I've recently backed away from my usual intake of Rum, but for purely weight loss reasons.

I find that if I have a particularly bad migraine that won't go away with the usual battery of pain killers, 6-8 shots of vodka gets rid of it. So I'm very alcohol isn't a cluster trigger.


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It's not my temper that gets me it's my anxiety and lack of patience. The fact that we suffer like this in 2014 with all the medical research in neurology makes me insane. My calming mechanism, besides Ativan, is my faith, family and friends. Over and over till I'm through dancing with the devil.

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