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I might be beating the beast


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Oh man!!! Words can't express what I feel right now!!! PF night and no morning hit. I feel like Bill Murray in Scrooged.(I'M ALIVE!!!) Last dose was XMas eve. I noticed the hits becoming real easy to abort. I did the D3 regimen and took 30 mg of melatonin. My cycle started Dec 7. I am usually an 8 week cycle guy!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FELLAS AND LADIES. I also quit drinking as soon as my first hit. (Lost 14 lbs) You guys are amazing. I love you all. I learned so much from all of you and because of that my life is much easier. 6 doses of MM,D3,Magnesium,Melatonin.   

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Do I keep this regiment forever or do I stop when Im totaly PF?

I'm pretty sure you can drop or very substantially lower the melatonin when you're out of cycle.  30 mg is a lot.

Most folks maintain the D3 thing all the time.  Blood tests will tell you when you can drop the D3 itself down to 10,000IU. You're not taking the Omega-3, either, or all the recommended minerals?  There are many people who will say that the full D3 regimen seems to have kept them PF, or helped keep them PF (along with preventive busting -- or not, in some cases) for very extended periods.

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I don't mean to be a downer, but 2 things about your last posts.  ;)

1)  I've both heard others, and had it happen to me.  Taking a drink too early can kick you right back into full blown CH hell.  Please keep away until you're PF for weeks (if not a month or two) :)

2) Highly recommend not mixing any chemicals.  Entirely too many reports of bad experiences.  I'd do one or the other, but not both.



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Taper way back on the Melatonin when this cycle is finished. You could find that even 10mg is too much out of cycle. If you wake up groggy, drop it on down. If you wake refreshed and all, keep it at that level, be it 0 or 3mg or 9mg.

I take 30mg in cycle too. We do what we must sometimes.



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