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BROMO LSD updates?


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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has heard of any updates on the progress of Bromo LSD?

I haven't seen any updates on line for ages and the (seemingly unsuccessful) crowd funding campaing expired almost 2 years ago https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hope-to-end-the-horror-of-cluster-headache

I can't seem to donate to this and would be more than willing to and I think given the growth in awareness I'm sure if they ran another campaign they would get more than the $2500 they got this time.

Just wondering if anyone knows what's going on as it appears enthogen have a global patent on this treatment which I believe may exclude anyone else from researching it. (I may be wrong but that's my understanding)


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Maybe we could ask Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) for help with funding?

He could raise the profile of the illness, treatments and cause substantially as a fellow, celebrity sufferer.

Although, as a celebrity and a role model for kids of all ages... Not sure he'd put his name to any treatment with the letters LSD, in that order, in any way!

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BOL-148 (2-bromo-lsd) is already familiar to so many healthcare folks so let's just hope there might be a some kind of fast forward with it.

In case you have not heard about 5-MeO-DALT you might like to read up on that, it's an interesting and very promising new option, now being introduced to doctors and researchers I think.


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Cheers Tony,

Yes I've seen the 5 meo Dalt research and it looks good. I've ordered and awaiting it's arrival.

From what I understand DALT is still very early stages and still has hallucinogenic side effects. At least Bromo is passed the first stage of research.

The interesting thing is that neither entheogenic or cluster busters have got back to me so that I can give $$$. The clusterbusters site only allows $100/ per month (which is out of my budget at the moment) or one off donations.

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There is a new analog that is completely legal in the UK called 1P-LSD. It is sold in 100[ch956]g blotters at about 10 pounds each. I don't know how it would work for CHs and am afraid to try. I found someone who will sell and send it to the USA. I would try 1/3 hit to try and bust the cycle if I were not afraid to try to get it. You can Google it, it seems very new but also very good. It is very similar to ALD-52, it just has a different group on the hydrogen of the indole group.

I hope this is OK to post... I am new and learning the ropes here. If this is not OK, please tell me and I'll delete.


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