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Hey all,

I am new to this and really self diagnosed. All answers and feedback appreciated! So all this started 6 years ago I go into "cycle" every year between january and February and it last till June or July with an "attack" every day or every other day. The pain starts behind my right eye and migrates to my right temple and sometimes on bad attacks makes it to my right ear. I've only been sick at my stomach once and that was couple days ago. Does this sound like ch to you all? I've had ct scan done came back normal and also had x-rays done to rule out sinuses, after an attack I'm literally exhausted! Only thing is my "attacks" happen at various times never a set pattern other than once a day or every other day. Dr's have put me on low dose of BP medicine and give me some dissolvable pills to take during attack but that's not touching the pain! I really would appreciate any and all feedback on this. Thank you all for you support and btw I hated reading some of the post on here it's awful what you all are experiencing!

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Sounds enough like CH that you ought to get it treated properly.  The BP medicine is probably verapamil.  Low dose is kind of required at first, to make sure it doesn't affect you negatively (docs should be following up on that), but a very substantial dose is usually required to have any effect during a cycle.  It's not uncommon for people to be put on a course of steroids while waiting for the verapamil to get to high enough doses to help.  For many people, steroids stop the pain while they're on them but the pain comes back afterward.

You should have OXYGEN -- the #1 abortive!!!  And the pill (sumatriptan?) almost certainly won't help.  Sumatriptan nasal spray works for a lot of people, and sumatriptan injections work for almost everyone. 

That's pharma stuff.  (There's more, but those are the basics.)  The pharmas are not without side effects, except O2.  

You should read the file in the ClusterBuster Files section about the vitamin D3 regimen.  It's helped lots and lots of people.  And give some thought at least to busting, which is covered in the numbered files in the ClusterBuster Files section.

If you go to the clusterbusters.org home page (https://clusterbusters.org/) and click on the "Cluster Headache" tab at the top of the page, you'll be able to read a file about oxygen, see thorough information about treatment, and maybe locate a knowledgeable doctor.

Try quickly drinking a cold energy shot, such as 5-Hour Energy, at the first sign of an attack. 

Get back to us -- let us know what's happening!


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I agree with what CHf said, also not everyone has a set pattern to when they get attacks. Mine can change their pattern just by my daily schedule changing. Start logging your attacks, pain level, meds, and possible triggers. If a medicine is not working discuss with doctor and get off it. I spent too much time taking useless meds. Good luck to you. 

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Hi Buckhunter812, x-rays in order to rule out sinuses and others are for sure ok but not for detecting cluster. I was told by a neurologist giving me the diagnosis cluster that I may do an CT-Scan or anything else on my head in order to calm me down but it never would show any signs of alternation pointing to cluster. Also as far as I know the content of this forum&comments it seems to me a hard fact.

The reason me responding, along the very god comments you've already in this thread, I would like to point harder to the "D3 Regime" and "Melatonin" as both can be started immediately and both do have proofen benefits.
And last put not least, like chfather said OXYGEN is a "must have", so no way around this one!

A reason is of my personal interest: Why do you mention you was sick in your stomach and do you connect this pain to cluster?

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