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4 hours ago, clovis fick said:

The length and pain are diminishing, so when i feel something i hit it for 15 minutes and good to go.

clovis', if I'm remembering correctly, you're using a very low flow rate.  The bigger of the two small tanks (an e tank) holds 660 liters (just because of how cheap it is, I suspect that you have a d tank, which holds 425 liters).  So, with an e tank you could have 60 minutes (4 15-minute sessions) only at about 10 lpm, and with a d tank only at about  7 lpm.  I'm not questioning what you are saying, but only making sure that people reading this know it is very suboptimal.

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If it works for me its not "suboptimal", in fact my flow rate is at about 4, its fact I get rid of about 4 headaches per tank at 15 minute intervals.Anyways I said they were diminishing, we are all different and I am not misleading anyone. 

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