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  1. @CHfather is absolutely right, listen to everything he says. I can't stress enough how important oxygen is for the treatment of CH. I can't say for sure you have CH, I am not a doctor. But I think CHFather is right that you should treat it like you do have CH and would strongly recommend you try out oxygen. I suffered with CH for 7 years before I got O2, and things completely turned around for me once I did. Imitrex is a good starting point, but I can abort a headache with O2 with no side effects in about 10-15 minutes. Imitrex makes me feel tired and terrible and can make
  2. @Rush I think the 125 cu ft tank is the perfect balance between size and portability. The tanks are fairly large, but I can carry them around without issue. I fill my E tanks off of them and also have them set up for home use. The rough conversion is that a 125 cu ft tank has almost 3500 L of O2 (close to the volume of 6 E tanks), and that can usually last me a couple weeks. If I have a really bad hit (or get hit at night), an E tank is not quite large enough to kill it. Having the extra capacity in the house and ready to go is of great comfort when you're getting hit a lot. Als
  3. Once I went to strictly welding O2 I thought I was set. But there are still problems sometimes. I usually have to prove ownership of the tank by carrying around the purchase receipts when I have them filled. I often have to exchange my tanks, which I hate but tolerate. I also still carry a print out of my O2 Rx with my portable tank, regulator and mask. But I NEVER mention medical oxygen or Rxs with the welding store. They get really weird about selling welding o2 when you do that. I have two 125 cu ft tanks (M tank) and I fill them with welding o2 for $20 each. I also own 2 E tank
  4. Your energy drink does not matter as long as it contains a mixture of caffeine and taurine ( and maybe guarana). I prefer Monster Zero. There are some other ones that taste more like juice. Don't forget ice water. In a pinch, you can drink a glass of ice water through a straw, aiming the cold water at the roof of your mouth on the side you are having your attack. This induces a brain freeze, which feels better than a cluster, and reduces the pain a little bit for a few minutes. I know that trick sounds stupid, but I read it somewhere on this forum. I was out with some friends one
  5. Already registered Eileen. Thanks for a great 2019 conference and I can't wait until we meet again in Chicago.
  6. Don't give up on welding O2 just yet Kat. Many of the welding supply shops in my area will also deliver tanks. They do charge a fee, but I crunched the numbers one time and it was still cheaper than paying for medical O2 out of pocket. You could call around to your local welding supply stores and see if they do deliver. That could be a good way to save the time of visiting the ones that don't deliver. Another thought would be to get a smaller tank and carry it around using a dolly. 125 cubic foot tanks can be fairly heavy, but with a dolly it is a breeze to move them. That would be
  7. A LOT of people had MANY MANY beers at the conference. And tequila. And scotch. I still find it remarkable, as I can't even have a sip. I haven't had a drink in 5 years. But a few years ago I might have considered it. I appreciate Lagunitas honest product labeling though.
  8. Aviator or aviation oxygen is usually sold at a gas supply store. In my experience, these are the larger gas supply stores that sell many types of gases. My local welding supply store does sell welding and medical oxygen, but not aviator. It is important to note here that ALL of those types of oxygen (medical, aviator, welding) are all usually coming out of the same large tank out back. The procedural requirements for filling these different types are the only real difference. Welding oxygen is easier to get because more places have it. My GP doctor told me that the welding oxygen would be
  9. If you can afford it, you should definitely try to get oxygen. I recommend either welding oxygen or aviator oxygen. The benefit of aviator is that it is "breathing grade" and does not require a prescription. I only add this because I have gotten some flack from my welding supply store for the amount of O2 I use. They know I am not doing that much cutting and they question me. I made this worse by trying to fill my medical tanks as well (because I had a prescription but O2 is not covered by my insurance), and they will refuse to sell to me if they know I am breathing it. So I get aviator
  10. 1.) [Borrowed from BostonHeadacheDoc]: If you have to think about whether your new treatment is working....its not working. 2.)If your treatment is not working, stop taking it.
  11. Mark, Freud means that many people here are using psychedelic medicine to treat their cluster headaches. We call it "busting." There are many prescription drugs that interfere with the psychedelic drugs, and they must be avoided when treating with psychedelics. From what I have read, some people respond to lithium. The first line preventative is verapamil, and lithium is a second or third line treatment. Everyone is different, and lithium might work for you. It certainly is not out of left field, and it doesn't surprise me that your neuro wants to go to lithium if verapamil didn
  12. I have good success knocking out shadows with O2. I have found that I can treat the shadows with a lower flow rate than a full-on attack. For me, that is 15LPM for shadows and 25-36 LPM for an attack. However, when things are really bad, I go through a LOT of oxygen. I have an H tank in the house, an E tank in the car, and an M tank (welding oxygen) in the garage as a reserve just in case the O2 delivery gets held up. It is not an understatement to say that oxygen has given me back my life. Things still get bad, but oxygen allowed me to be more functional from day to day. In my e
  13. It very well could be the beast returning. I'm sorry to tell you this, because we all know what comes next. Fog sounds like an excellent way to describe my shadows when they first start. No pain at first, just a weird feeling in my head and difficulty concentrating. For me it will slowly get worse until it suddenly explodes. Shadows can be debilitating on their own. Its like the beast is softening you up for the knock-out punch. I am chronic and have this happen pretty frequently. I have had success with coffee and energy drinks for the baby shadows. I have also been able to knock th
  14. Nikki, Injectable sumatriptan is a lot better than pills, which take way too long to work. A lot of people say that sumatriptan can cause rebound headaches. My neurologist told me to be careful how much of it I took, and offered me steroids for periods when I was using too much sumatriptan. Steroids like prednisone can be effective and give you a small break from the pain, but they have a lot of side effects that can add up over time. Your best bet, however, is oxygen. First identified in the 1960's as an effective abortive, oxygen is still under prescribed and under utilized
  15. Batch, I used to have so much respect for you, but as a graduate of Washington State University I have to say I'm not so sure anymore. Of course, I am only kidding, and as a former squid myself (submarines), will give some respect for your Navy service. Thank you for all of your CH work, I know you are helping lots of people, myself included.
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