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I normally rely on it as part of my treatment for clusters, and not being able to access it during the pandemic made them so much worse. I normally go to community acupuncture, which is on a sliding scale with the goal of allowing you to go as often as EVERY DAY (which I did). note, this is also how people access acupuncture in China, so if you're going once a week in the US for a severe issue you're not getting the treatment you should be getting. Not only did acupuncture reduce frequency of headaches, but it also shortened my headache cycle and gave me a place to sleep during the day. I do not use it as acute treatment during a headache, but during cluster cycles. Acupuncture probably saved my life when I was misdiagnosed and given the wrong medication.

I'm currently living in Armenia and trying to figure out how to get acupuncture for my current headache cycle here. Give it a go. It is part of effective treatment for me, and might be for you, too. 

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A loong time ago - 36 yrs ago - i only had migraines, or so i thot, and i had an excellent physical therapist - arlene mowder. She did many different types of massage. Once? I remember having a ha for almost a week. She started working on me & using myofacial release techniques. Id had multiple work injuries. She worked on my headache and it DID resolve. My conclusion now? My cha's were advancing. Her mf release helped - but she was outstanding in her work. So, in conclusion? Yes, maybe done correctly by the right person? Mf release wld mimic acupuncture. I havent tried it personally.

Sukie Baxter has a most excellent utube on massaging ears a specific way for vagal release to slow the autonomic system. It can help. 

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