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Me having a kip 8 cluster. Sharing is caring :)


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I had a triple strength hot coffee just before the video. O2 has not worked very well for me. It just made me feel sick and worse but I did not try too hard to maybe get it right. I may have to explore it again.

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Please do explore the O2 and read and use the proper method for it to kill the hit. Yes, it is w.o.r.k. You have to get the bad stuff out by doing a crunch when you exhale and then inhale deeply, hold it a bit, then exhale with force - like a crunch when exercising! Your breath should hiss at the end like when you do a breathing test. And stay on for about 5 minutes after the hit is gone. Just lower the flow rate to match your normal breathing pattern. It really is a lifesaver! 

That video hurt to watch. So many days like that in my history. Your O2 should be your best friend!!

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