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Tony Only

Stem cell therapy / cluster remission

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Thank you, Tony.  Yes, this is wonderful news indeed.  I had no idea that this was a possible treatment, but from some quick googling I see that it has been effective for migraine.

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I am very happy Tom has some relief but caution is advised.  Stem cell therapy comes in many variations.  The source of the cells, method of delivery and the criteria for success.  There are a couple of case reports describing some degree of relief and a very small study showing some reduction in headache score but no meaningful relief.  The postulated mechanism of action when treating trigeminal type pain decreasing inflammation.  This makes sense because many treatments are aimed at reducing inflammation.  Caution should be stressed because, in general' the data surrounding stem cell therapy is sketchy.  There is a tremendous placebo effect particularly when used for joint pain.  Because stem cell therapy using one's own fat cells can be done in any type of setting there is little to regulate quality or monitor outcomes.  Therapy tends to be extremely expensive.  There are many desperate people with pain syndromes and cluster headaches are right at the top of the list.  There is little data regarding stem cell therapy and headaches.  There are many offers to try the therapy but if anyone tells you they have "lots of experience" treating clusters or even headaches in general I would challenge their veracity.   

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