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I'm not alone?


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Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce myself and talk about what I go through.

First off, I'm a 46 year old male from Northeastern Wisconsin and I work a wicked "southern swing-shift". My work days are always 12 hours, being either 6am to 6pm (Days), or 6pm to 6am (Nights). My schedule has me working: 4 Nights, 3 off, 3 Days, 1 off, 4 Nights, 3 off, 4 Days ending with a 7 off stretch. Then the cycle repeats.

About 4 years ago I was woken from a sound sleep by what seemed to be a headache. INSTANTLY. WIDE. AWAKE. I didn't know what was going on, seemed to me weird that a headache could do that. I didn't want to wake up my wife so I left the bedroom and started walking downstairs to sit in the living room. Halfway down the stairs this "headache" grew into something that I never experienced. My upper back teeth on the left side felt like they were falling out, my left nostril was just oozing snot, my left eye felt like it was getting stepped on while inside my head and the pain within my head was excruciating. I went into the bathroom to get some ibuprofen and when I turned on the light I was damn near blinded by pain. I went for an icepack but that didn't do squat. Every hair follicle on my head felt like they were being slowly pulled out. I felt like my blood was boiling so I splashed cold water on my face. I tried to sit down in a comfy chair, NOPE can't sit. I laid down on the couch, NOPE. Cool hardwood floor, Nope! Can't sit, can't lay down, the hell am I supposed to do?!?! I went outside in just my underwear and shoes thinking that the cool Autumn air would help. All it did was made me cold so I went inside and cried. The cries turned into sobs. Was I having a stroke? Did a vessel in my brain explode? Am I dying? I was sure that I was dying, that this was it for me. I didn't want to go through all of this pain. If this was it for me, I'll end it NOW!

I went upstairs stifling my cries and grabbed a pistol. I put it to my head and was so freaking tempted to just pull the trigger. I looked at my wife with tears running down my contorted face and I just couldn't do it. I tossed the pistol back into the drawer and let the sobs out. She woke up and I could barely talk. She did all that she could do for me but nothing helped. I couldn't even tell her what I was going through *or* what I almost did. I left the room with her feeling helpless. Back in the living room, in a corner sitting on the floor all I could do was rock myself hoping for it to end.

And it did. Almost as if it was never there. After 45 minutes *Poof* gone. And then I passed out.

The next day I had just assumed that it was some sort freaky headache. I still felt exhausted and my head was all wonky with major brain fog. I didn't want to do anything or talk to anyone. My day was shot, but at least the headache was gone!! Yay!!! 

That night, roughly 2 hours after I went to bed I was woken from a sound sleep by what seemed to be a headache. All I could do was say 'Oh Fuck!' as it started again....

Since then I've had many attacks. I've done research and finally found myself here. I am episodic with the seasons and a few randoms. When I found out that there people with chronic attacks I can't help but feel absolutely terrible. No one should go through these. It's a very bitter feeling knowing that there are others that go through this with me. Kind of like, Yay I'm not alone, but also terribly sad that others go through this.

And now I don't want to talk anymore about it. Sorry for my language, but this shit sucks!

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Hi VaderXanth,

That sounds terrible ! And it is a terrible story !

I always think this must be one of the worst. People that never got a headache before in their life and then at later age, suddenly get episodic or chronic CH and have do deal with this entire mess from the one day to an other... "from zero to hero..." :D

I am sure you will find your way with the support and the help you will get here. CH father gave you a good starting point. 

All the best !



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It does suck.. Welcome to the club! Like yourself we have all gone through this same type thing. You will find people that have had teeth pulled, nerves cut, tried all sorts of different medications and a few operations done to try to solve this.  You will want to read up as much as you can here starting with the link that CHfater sent you, get oxygen as soon as you can to abort your attacks try a 5hr energy drink at the first feeling of an attack coming on can help buy some time and sometimes abort the attack on its own. read up on busting and the Vitamin D3. Oxygen is the best treatment for aborting if it is done correctly. We can help you get the needed supplies for that even if insurance will not cover it. I pay for it out of pocked because my insurance stinks and it would cost more if they paid for it. 

The D3 you can do all year round and can either eliminate them all together or lessen the frequency and intensity of the pain. Some will add benadryl to the list of vitamins during season changes to help with any underlying allergies that they might not even know they have. 

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Vader, I hope in your research you've at least become encouraged that there are treatments for CH, such as are outlined in CHfather's overview link, and also touched on by FunTimes above. 

Some of us really do find significant relief, and while there can be a bit of luck involved regarding who is going to respond to what, my money is on you finding your way there too.

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Yes, the Vit D3 did wonder to the cluster headache. Thank you to CHfather for sharing this. 

In addition to Vit D3, I also find this help, eat watermelons and drink coconut water (from real coconut if possible), eat more nearing and during cluster period.

Also go for massage to relax and rest more. 

To abort the headache, put peppermint oil (from young living) in forehead and behind the ear and if the headache still there, use oxygen (inhale deeply and hold for 1-2 second before exhale)

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