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MindMed thinks they've found an Emergency Off-Switch (ketanserin) for Psychedelics


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'MindMed has commenced a study for its “LSD neutralizer technology,” which it hopes will be effective in shortening and even stopping the effects of an LSD trip during LSD assisted therapy sessions.

In collaboration with the Liechti Lab at University Hospital Basel, a Phase 1 clinical trial will evaluate the effect of ketanserin for this purpose.

MindMed hopes the study will be completed by the end of 2021.'


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...yeah, i know, it aint gonna happen officially.  we've pretty much always been on our own...or what's a Clusterbusters for? citizen science that DECADES down the line might get a mention like "yeah those alt medicine cluster folks were onto something".....................

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Mindmend is poking the bear with provocative statements.  The skeptical cynical me says they are throwing out info to create investor support.  Not bad in and of itself.  I do not care for the proprietary approach several of these concerns are taking.  I know they have investments to protect but they are patenting molecules and ideas that have been around a long time.  Right now they are throwing a lot of stuff in the air to see what sticks and generate interest. 

MAPS has been at this much longer and seems to be a more inclusive route. 

Any of this type of research is a long way from clinical application.  At least its getting done.. 

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