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The beast is back


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Hey all,


It's been pretty good for the last few years but I have a cycle trying to ramp up. Last night I got to about a level 6 of a full blown attack. Dosing as soon as this tea cools off.

I used my wifes albuterol inhaler a few times last week because I was smoking some cruddy weed. I wonder if the albuterol triggered this mess?

At any rate, time to slay this beast! GL warriors!


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.....yeah, an albuterol trigger wouldn't surprise......damn steroids are so active!  if so, stinkin' thing is you did nothing wrong....an appropriate action to deal with your needs.......one that any NON clusterhead could do w/o a second thought or consequences......sheesh.

....try some antihistamines (old school work for me) for spits and giggles too...it IS springtime!

....may the "bust" abide


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