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RC Seeds where


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Although not directly answering the original question, I thought it would be of use to people that I can confirm I was able to obtain RC Seeds in the UK by ordering from a US based source. I ordered on 2nd July and have just received the delivery today. 

I do have some concerns with regards to whether the changing conditions that they would have been subjected to during international transit may have affected their potency, but it's still encouraging that I was able to get them. I guess time will tell with regards to their potency.

Not sure I should mention the name of the purchase source openly as I'm not totally sure of where the law stands specifically on this stuff in the UK. But if anyone wants to know, just PM me. 



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...the  "war on drugs" has made for some very odd laws...have seen countless times the illegality of certain items in certain countries...like frigging flower seeds. makes me ponder what the conversation is like in a horticultural club of a Thursday evening in York? are plum trees allowed...you know them pits got cyanide in 'em....

...Drewbie...check and double check that those seeds have not been "treated"... to make 'em "safe", of course...

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The place I got them from is one of the ones recommend regularly here. I just wasn't sure I should mention they were willing to ship to UK in case that implicated then in some way. They are definitely untreated, viable seeds.

Thanks for mentioning, though, @jon019

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