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YouTube D3 regimen video

Dallas Denny

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G'mornin ya'll!

A few years back I had the pleasure of meeting and mentoring a fellow clusterhead from New Zealand on Facebook.

Along with embracing busting as a treatment for his headaches, Craig became interested in Batch's D3 regimen....really interested!!

So, he has teamed up with Pete and began working on an animated production explaining the regimen....this morning he posted this video on his YouTube channel along with our beloved Batch!!



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I have only watched it halfway through but am already thinking how can psychedelics treat so efficiently this possible autoimmune and genetropic disorder and where can we find someone to explain that as well as Batch explains Vitamin D3 anti-inflammatory regimen here B)

Great video and so needed - I truly hope every Horton patient in Finland watches this AND people treating them.

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I'm absolutely blown away by this video.  I watched it all the way through and while a lot of it was beyond my understanding of biochemistry, I understood enough to get excited about trying the regimen again.  I did try the regimen about 6 years ago and while I believe it helped back then, I did not load up on D3 in the beginning and started well into my cluster cycle.  It sounds like the loading is the pivotal piece I may have been missing.  So, I'm 10 weeks into my current cycle (a particularly nasty one) and I am going to try preloading at the recommended levels and report back to this thread in a couple of weeks.  Thanks Craig and Batch for this really well put together source of information and explanation.  Incredible detail.  I run one of the cluster support groups for clusterbusters and I am going to tell all my folks to watch this.  

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