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Stumped, worn out and looking to hear from other chronic’s


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Still smoking, good to hear from you @dmlonghorni owe you a call. They are my go to to see if I actually fully aborted an attack. If I do the oxygen and ket combo and am able to abort but didn’t stay on O2 long enough that post O2 smoke will bring me from pain free shadow to a kipp 8-10 in a few drags. I put it out then hoo on O2 and repeat. If smoke doesn’t trigger attack then I go back to sleep... lol

are you suggesting I become a quitter?  And take away my insurance policy of premature sudden death from a widow maker (aka Lmain or LAD MI). And finally fulfill the cliché former cardiac surgery PA dying from heart disease).  I do need to quit. Not because I want to change the odds or desire to stop but for the simple fact that it’s unaffordable to kill yourself slowly these days.  I’ll have to rely on dad insisting on eating the same high cholesterol Hungarian food for dinner every night. 

all kidding aside did you quit?  Cold turkey?  How’s the noggen been? Beast leaving you alone. A little birdy told me you had tried intro nasal Ketamine. But I didn’t get any other info after that.  Good news!!!  My father uses the same pain doc as me and he explained that I was off my psych meds waiting to bust and that was the reason for last hospital admission. Not the intranasal K and he said he’d either switch me to or add the intranasal at my second to last appointment tomorrow and then see me in 2 weeks before we move as well as reach out to docs he knows out there to find us docs.  This way I will have a fresh months worth of meds and week to two weeks of oxygen to travel down with and bridge appointments.  For mom and dad and Medicare it’s easier most docs take it.  For me I may have to pay out of pocket cause medicade sucks!   Dad has a laundry list of docs he needs. So as I told my X today the shit cloud that follows me dropped a golden turd. Lol

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19 hours ago, Freud said:

I should refrain from posting during a hit.  The typos and lack of grammar I’m sure bothers some people. Lol

Pretty sure it can be forgiven, chronic means we have little hit free time to post. I feel you, chronic, half a dozen hits a day, sleep wake cycle is garbage, family is helping me, feel like a burden, depression. I feel you, know you are not alone, even if I feel sad when I find another. For them. We are a bunch of tough people, crying, feeling lost, none of that makes you less tough, just human. 

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To top it all off. I go and see the pain docs NP. Tell her how poorly I’m doing and that he said to my father he would add the nasal spray.  Office called me just now to tell me he’s not changing my meds!!!!  I’m stumped and devastated...  may be the next doc will help me. Otherwise it’s looking pretty bleak. 

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I do not feel different, eating is beside smoking (formerly canabis today Tabak)

My greatest joy :)


My blood levels are almost perfect in all areas, cholesterol also moves slowly in the right direction!

Iron value was analyzed by neurolts extra, and was also perfect.

Also Vit3 is with me in the area 80 .. previously 21 .. my family doctor says from 100 I would have to expect metabolic effects.




If you translated this page, so I have my first attempts made it to communicate with the food.


My conviction is, it is not the food itself!

It is together with the stomach.

Probably a false colonization of the intestine or a defect of the construction flap (bauhin flap).

She gives us the pleasure with the pain.

When I did not know why I have a headache I tried to drink a glass of water with a teaspoon full of soda.

That leaves the pain away .. very fast! And they come back, within about 5min.

I'm sure it's up to the stomach!

And if you change your diet you have very fast a lot of peace before the pain!

Just try it and button to the food ran when you feel better ..

5-day diet is really not a long time!?


Smoking I also do a lot and strong tobacco, 500gr costs about 15 €

50 Zigarreten costs with us also 15 €

So I get at least 500 cigarettes for 15 €.

I think that's cheap enough.


If you have questions Say, I want to answer you!


Greetings and I hope you are already better?!



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@Freud Because of my predicament I feel as if I gotta at least try this. I cannot see staying on it forever but if it works I'll be definitely making some long-term adjustments. Nothing to lose. Tomorrow is Day 1 for me. I'd say "I feel your pain" but I have plenty of my own (ha ha).

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Err had this long post and I’m getting that error msg. So frustrating!!!


ling story short doc called in 10ml of nasal spray randomly so that was good even though it’s a small amount it will come in handy for my kip 10s at my dentist appointment. Hopefully that was a one week supply and he will write me a month at my visit next week before we hit the road to FL. 

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Does any one have experience w the south FL “trusted docs”?  I made an appointment w Dr Kobetz, his secretary asked. And he does work w ketamine.  It’s $525 first appt and 165$ each follow up. Hopefully he writes refills and you don’t have to go every month unless there is changes to the script.  The other doc Dr Wealer or something like that was 850$ first apt and didn’t say how much each visit was after that. He doesn’t take insurance at all!!!  She was talking him up and said he “would change my life”. I highly doubt he has a magical solution that @BostonHeadacheDochasnt found for me so far besides ketamine and oxygen. I told this to my father and he started w the magical thinking. I pissed him off bc I told him it is so frustrating that he and mom think some new doc is going to have the “magical cure no one else here knows about.”  I told him that’s what the vit D and busting are for most people.  He didn’t take kindly, tension is high here as we are almost a week away from closing and moving. 

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The ketosis goes another way like me, which in turn says it's more on the stomach like the food itself!


Which way you reliably remain to you.


My consideration with this food deletes it.

to process all nutrients immediately and not to host by poor digestion in the colon.

It works very well.


Ketosis should not be carried out without medical assistance!?


I have forgotten to say.

I eat over the day distributes a pack of salt bars.

A variety with little salt, since I like salt bars I like the salt because of the salt.


Always after smoking, in traffic at stress etc ..


Did you try it?

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