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So for the last few months (ever since upping my D game to the full  Monte). My nose has been so dry that it is cracked and bleeding and hurts to wiggle... (Really sucks if you need to bewitch someone).. Anyhoo I was reading that antihistamines can cause the nasal passage to dry out to this extent. I had been using neosporin but it didn't help. I switched to Vaseline and it has done wonders! I also read that it traps allergens so that's a plus. I most certainly feel like I owe a ton to this regimen as my last attack was on the third of July.. a one off I hope! I have been due for a cycle for a month and some change but nope nada. I suppose what I'm getting at is that if your gonna go full Monte you may benefit from Vaseline to the nostrils... 

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