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  1. I've been suffering cluster headaches for 10+ years, usually, November/December cycle begins and ends in the Spring. I had tried EVERYTHING to deal with them & finally my doctor said "Let's try supplemental oxygen for this!" He prescribed me a tank & when I feel a cluster headache starting up, I turn the setting on the tank to 8 & breath the oxygen through a facemask for 5-10 minutes and the cluster is gone! It never gets to the point it is unbearable because the oxygen knocks it out before it gets to that point. Why did it take over 10 years to get to this point and why don't all doctors do this? My health insurance was paying almost $200 a month for the supplemental oxygen with a $30 copay to me. I would have paid ANYTHING for this years ago! A local oxygen retailer signed me up as a private pay for a total of $10 a month for the rental and $5 per tank. (Now we know why insurance premiums are so high too!!) Just thought I'd throw this out there... maybe it could change your life too!
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  2. Hi Michelle...welcome aboard! It's almost criminal that many in the medical profession do not know ANYTHING about O2 for CH. It's IN THE LIT...has been accepted as a PRIMARY treatment in countless neurology journals and papers and studies. I first learned about in 1985 (from National Headache Foundation) and tears of joy does not even come close to describing the feeling, relief and "I got my life back" reality. We LOVE to hear stories like yours!!! Re the O2 supplier....THAT is a screaming deal...give them a hug and a shout out from clusterville...I paid $14 a tank 20 years ago and had to buy my own rig. You might consider sharing the name and general area so other clusterheads can climb on that train. Insurance is all over the board on coverage...I've had at least 7 providers...some didn't cover, some did..AFTER a fight I got good at. The cost to them was ridiculous and my copay higher than yours ($13/tank...woulda paid anything!). I used to stare at the billing summary and feel bad for the insurance company....but THAT passed quickly....the bastards. The ones that get hurt were/are the folks with no coverage...and no compassionate supplier....and is what I worry about happening even more in the future health care mess coming.................. Best Jon
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