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    Update: @Batch @Dallas Denny @Brain on fire @Dan32 @xBoss @Freud Thank you all to reaching out to me, It means a lot. I followed the Anti-Inflammatory Vitamin D3 regimen and just completed the loading period. It has been very successful for me so far. I hope you are all doing well.
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    It is usually best not to tell a welding supplier that you are going to breathe it. Many say it is for a cutting torch. Or that a relative needs it for welding. Just about anything will fly as long as you don't say it is for you to breathe.
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    ..."Abother issue, my doc prescribed 5lpm which I know won’t do much. I was so grateful that I even got a script that I didn’t fight this." ...consider yourself fortunate...a clusterhead NEEDS a diagnosis (for MANY reasons and most wait years) AND an O2 script (many ignorant physicians won't even write)...it don't matter a damn what the script says....it is the "ticket to ride"... "If I purchase a regulator 15 lpm or 25 lpm, can I still use it with this prescription flow? " ...YUP...nobody cares what flow you actually use...regulators go from 0 up... "I can right? I’m sure the tank will run out in like 20 minutes but it is possible? Any and all help is appreciated" ...don't focus too much on using the "right" flow...it's different for different folks.....you'll figure it out...start high and go lower til it don't work...then go back up... ….just generally, for budgeting purposes, an e-tank lasted me 2-3 hits and an m tank 5-6 hits... YMMV... Best Jonathan .