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  1. Thanks Bob, I tried opening it and it said I have to pay to read it????
  2. I had a 6.5 hour assessment at a university hospital. Their conclusion was that when my attacks stop my short term memory wont get worse. They said it was from constant trauma to the brain. I was extremely upset. And said lady there is no cure.........long pause on the phone. "OH" she said. End of conversation after a day at a hospital with 3 doctors, a video camera and hours of questions. A lot of us Cluster Heads have short term memory loss. One of my old jobs I had required me to have an impeccable memory to do my job. I wouldn't last 2 min doing that job now.
  3. I have never done drugs recreationally prior to CCH. I use MM for CCH only. They also say that MM is supposed to work to get people off it, My wife is in recovery with 10 years clean time so kudos to you and "keep coming back":
  4. Thought Id share.... http://www.cbc.ca/radio/ideas/high-culture-part-1-1.3280226 http://www.cbc.ca/radio/ideas/high-culture-part-2-1.3292940 http://www.cbc.ca/radio/ideas/high-culture-part-3-1.3331467
  5. This and Terrance Knighton with the Washington Redskins..... Although I am not a fan of any sports unless it has wheels and a motor I am grateful he has spoken up. I have reached out to Terrance personally and althought his response was brief, I am sure the line up of cluster heads reaching out is long..... Whether you are Charlie Sheen, Terrance Knighton. Dan, Bob, me, you or anyone. We are all equals. No one is superior in this fight and we all must support one another rich famous poor or whatever. I am a tad disheartened and with no disrespect to Terrance or Charlie but sadly the public only gives a sh*t when someone famous is sick. We must not give up. We must continue to fight and reach out. PF wishes all of you.
  6. During his admittance to HIV on the TODAY show. He states he was having cluster headaches and migraines???? http://www.today.com/health/charlie-sheen-reveals-hes-hiv-positive-today-show-exclusive-t56391
  7. Welcome. Glad your are here. The word "Cure" is non excistant with me and Clusters. NO such thing. Remission not cure. Id be careful with that terminology. Because there is no cure.
  8. This song sums it up for me....and I love nothing more than to just play this loud in my car, go fast and pretend my mullet still excists !
  9. Sadly I am not going and going to miss out on the best weekend of the year. Please can people make notes, make videos and send them to me with pictures? Its killing me inside not to be there this year. PM me for email addy. But a little bit of me will be there with you all. Stay tuned.
  10. These people RELENTLESSLY email me on my YouTube videos andconstantly try to post on my blog.....they do not give up. I prescreen all blog and YouTube video comments. If anyone ever wants to talk to me about surgery I am gladly willing to share my experience. I have never forced my choices on anyone. I share my experience with people and let them make their own mind up based on their beliefs, not mine. I have PTSD now thanks to brain surgery. Amongst an array of other side effects.
  11. http://www.tmz.com/videos/0_mb7bao5i Thought you guys would appreciate this
  12. For my fellow brothers and sisters and especially new comers http://clusterheadsurvivor.blogspot.ca/2015/09/cluster-busters-conference-2015-chicago.html
  13. Dr.Paul Cooper-nuerologist at University Hospital London Ontario He is the best neurologist in Canada for Cluster Headaches. He won't offer you a cure or some BS story. But he is a kind caring man with a huge empathetic heart who knows whats Clusters are. The wait is about a year for first appointment(well it was for me). Here is Dr.Cooper and me. http://london.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=553958
  14. 46 days later. my eyes still water every time i think or look somewhere in the house where he is. its incredible how so many can be so compassionate and yet others tell me to quite my belly aching and to fix it is get another dog and replace him. I wouldn't replace my dad if he died so why my dog? dogs find us...we don't find them. we reply on dogs, not them to us. they don't love us, they only know how to love. i miss Buster so much and anyone who has loved and lost a pet knows the grief. You don't get over it, you learn to live with it. The only anger I have is the previous owners and how Buster was robbed of 80% of his life. Thanks for the kind words but i am no one special.
  15. Sorry to hear Moxie....geez. I been lucky. In my almost 10 yr cluster career i have only had a cluster and migraine less than 10x. probably about 5x. simply because my migraine was a 2 weeker. :-[
  16. I wrote a blog specifically on this topic.... http://clusterheadsurvivor.blogspot.ca/2015/04/migraines-are-not-cluster-headaches.html
  17. I wrote a blog specifically on this topic.... http://clusterheadsurvivor.blogspot.ca/2015/04/migraines-are-not-cluster-headaches.html
  18. God bless this man. Had absolute pleasure of hearing this man speak. We need more of him on our team ! thanks for posting !!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
  19. thank you kindly for the wonderful words. Everyday is getting better. Less tears and more smiles of him. normal for any loss in life. I still get signs everyday that point its him. I miss him to bits...oh wait. Ill cry....again. Its ok. Im sure he misses us too. thank you.... hugs
  20. I have a friend with TM. We have the same neurosurgeon. She had 12 surgeries in 1 year. She still suffers daily with zero relief. Poor gal. My heart bleeds for her and you and anyone with TN. Pain free wishes
  21. That is so kind....I did not post this for sorrow. If anything gets something from this...its to hug your dog and if you don't have one and want one....go to Animal Care and Control or Humane Society ask for the dog that has been there the longest and take that dog. thank you everyone.
  22. Just the mere thought of him brings me to ears. The irony behind his name and me Busting is uncanny. I will be forever indebted to him I have had 10 dogs in my life. Still have one now. BUt for whatever reason This hurts the most I beleive it was because I did not give up on him as my wife did not give up on me where everyone else had. I lost friends, a career, relationships.....Buster was left for dead..No one cared but us. I begged my wife we keep him but I remember the day i asked I knew he would make me cry when he was gone. My dog was like a son to me, and ran to me during my attacks where others ran the other way. He was sick. so am I. We compliment eachother My facebook page has alot of videos. Some recent, My poor Bella girl wanders the house crying for him. This sucks ass soooooo bad. I miss him soooo much. A part of me died with him Thank you everyone
  23. who in their right mind would let this animal go homeless? Let his teeth rot? Abuse and neglect this boy? Anyone who hurts, abuses,neglects an animal should rot in hell
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