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  1. Seven days is seven days. Sorry you had a visitor Thanks for the update. Continued success Dan
  2. Hey Gregg, Sorry you had to make that long drive to the convention ;D It was good to meet you and I'm glad you made it to the convention. Welcome to this site, hang around. It was my third meeting and each one gets better. I hope to see you on the board and also hope to see you next year....it's a longer drive to Chicago Dan
  3. Bob, You owe apologies to NO ONE. Thanks for another great convention. God bless YOu Like you say...One Love
  4. We all hear about the bad days...and glad to do so. It's nice to read your post Jeff. A breath of fresh air
  5. Good on you Scotty. If there is any truth to the saying...What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger We are a bunch of strong dudes and dudettes Continued pain free time Captain. Please keep us up to date. Dan
  6. Several times I have had the same feeling. I've got this thing whipped. Be careful not to bet the ranch on it...yet I REALLY hope it works for you, if I were in Florida; I'd be right there with you. Just know that it might not be the cure that you ( and the rest of us) are looking for. Again, I hope you are fixed. You will also help others of this works. I have had my heart broken more times than can count by getting relief from one thing or another only to be WHAMMED when I least expected it. It is devastating. Those are the times when I was at my absolute lowest I hope you don't take my post the wrong way. I will watch your posts/progress for continued success. Thanks for sharing your story Nothing but love, Captain. Dan
  7. Good find Christy! Fantastic reply CHF. I can only wish that the right person might read it and reply to you. I will not hold my breath. Dan
  8. Ahhh, we have a pic of the elusive potter after all. The balls look familiar...just the same size im used to seeing i suppose. Seriously, the best conference , and the best turnout yet. I still don't know who Guiseppi is...Damnit. Dan
  9. ...never return home from a Seminar ( or a fishing trip ) and try out new sex positions
  10. I have felt the needle nosed pliers in my head many times before...I just didn't know what they were
  11. I like the way you explain your thoughts and views Moxie. I didn't know you had been to Texas
  12. I can't help but wonder... Are there any Crabs in Las Vegas?
  13. He'll yes. I love crabbing. I'll bet your Oregon crabs are better than Texan crabs....and I love Texas crab we used to catch em with a string and turkey neck. Crabs are dumb... but that might just be Texas crabs.
  14. Denny is the hardest working, smartest and sexiest guy on the board : I wonder if he has seen what I said about him in the Vegas conference thread ;D Looks like your list is complete. I'm a big believer in the Optimask but I have never tried the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece comes with the Optimask by the way. You will find that a good oxygen setup will dramatically change your life. Just get on the O2 at the first sign an attack is coming. It works well if you get on it early, not so well for a full blown attack. Thanks to my O2 I have only had a few Kip 8 or higher in several years. They all used to be off the charts before oxygen. As a matter of fact, I gave up on oxygen when I first tried it years ago. I didn't have the right mask....so the correct setup is imperative! You will find that you will be way less fearful of the next hit...knowing you can quash it in 3 to 5minutes max. Anxiety levels will drop and with that attitude and depression will improve accordingly. Good luck Dan
  15. Hey Brew. It is an M tank. Just got it filled and asked what the hell it is. M was the answer. Thanks. I would be three days trying to take a pic and post it. I need a new iPad with a camera if anyone wants to donate one ;D Dan Ps. I can't wait to see all of my friends in Vegas! perhaps since everything is supposed to stay in Vegas; we can all leave our headaches there
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