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  1. I had a stimulator implanted and it DIDN'T work. It does look badass though Dan
  2. Hipshot


    ...what Freester said. I too am chronic and Botox did nothing but make my forehead look younger. Cost me $800 best I remember >
  3. I think flashbacks are something that the establishment simply made up to scare people....reefer madness on drugs. I have tripped many times, for many years. I have never had a flashback and I don't know anyone who has. Just a scare tactic IMO. Dan
  4. Hipshot


    With your permission Doctor, I would like to show your post to my pain doc. I sure would want your blessing beforehand. By my doctors own admission, he isn't a headache doctor and doesn't see a lot of headache patients. He has gone from occipital nerve blocks, which gave me a weeks reprieve, to occipital facet blocks which give me a month pain free. He burned the facet nerves last month which seems to really do the trick for a longer period. Problem is, it is all temporary. Just my latest in a long line of attempts to try anything....we all know the drill. He should be persuaded by your post, if you don't mind. Dan
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    My pain doctor said...no fecking way ...when I asked for some. He went on and on about terrible nightmares and horrible side effects. He is a good doctor and always helps me. This was my first NO from him so I tended to believe him.
  6. Looks great! Thanks to all of you who helped with the new board and to everyone who continue to help complete strangers on a daily basis Dan
  7. ...what Brew said. RIP CArl :'(
  8. Where do you live? In most states it is perfectly legal to order spores and have them shipped to you. Ralphsters or sporeWorks are both reliable sites to order from. Order B+ or Equador spores for best results. There is s 3 part clip on youTube called "let's grow mushrooms". Sorry you are having a rough time. You are at the right place to get help. Best of luck. By the way, you will need to detox from verapimil and most other meds to insure the mushrooms will do their magic. Dan
  9. You are right on Matt. I actually had my occipital facet nerves burned Monday, nearly two weeks ago. The facet nerve block takes my attacks away for 10 days or so. My pain doc said burning should last much longer. I haven't had a hint of a headache since I had the last procedure. It may be worth a try Jeff. I wouldn't shitcha Dan If you want particulars, just let me know. I wish a few people would try it. It is temporary, but seems like everything is...
  10. I sure wish you could jump on a plane and head to Abilene. I found a willing and enthusiastic sitter...haha He makes it fun. Seat belts are not optional Jeff, do your attacks seem to start in your neck?...at the base of the scull?
  11. Hello Jeff, I've been away for a while. Sorry the bitch is back. The VA sounds like a good hook up. Keep yer chin up friend. Dan
  12. This makes more sense than most other therapies I have come across. How long does someone have to live in Europe to qualify for "free healthcare"? I'm packing my bags 8-)
  13. Thanks everyone...makes me feel good having a bunch of friends like you guys. I will do as you asked Denny (: The fish are biting here and life is a bowl of cherries ....but I would really like to go ice fishing I always feel extra skinny when it's cold....like one of my old fishing buddies once said.... I never can catch fish when my ball sack is all drawed up :
  14. Hey Slaya I bet you are right on the coffee statement. The unwinnable WAR on drugs is to blame. Prohibition on alcohol should have taught us all a lesson. I doesn't work...never will. We needs to stop the maddness 8-)
  15. Good to read your update, thanks for posting....
  16. Hipshot


    Do a little research regarding oxygen. Print some literature to take with you to your next doctors visit. It is WELL documented to be the number one cluster abortive. Some folks use welding oxygen. So long as you use between 15 and 25 litters per minute with the right mask, it doesn't make any difference. Go to the MENU on the left of the homepage and scroll to OXYGEN. Just let your doctor know that you know what you are talking about! Best wishes Dan
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    Have you tried oxygen to abort your attacks? It is BY FAR our number one friend. It must be high flow oxygen with a non rebreather mask. I cant overstate how 02 has saved my sanity. It normally aborts an attack in just a few minutes. Dan
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    Jerry for President : ...Nice post BB
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    CHF is MY hero too. I am NOT embarrassed to say, yaull .
  20. Have a beer for me. Make it a 12 pak Good post! ...since I'm dreaming, throw in a bottle of Gran Patron
  21. Right on for the encouraging results. I'll stay tuned
  22. Good find Jerry. I never had any luck with melatonin as I recall. ...could make a difference Thanks for posting
  23. I don't usually like girls who can kick my ass, but I love you Ting :
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