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  1. You guys can call me dab if you want to. You can call me anything you want to as long as you call me to dinner ;D Dab
  2. I took a dose today. 1.8g. I decided to just cap them up to get maximum effect. It was my best dosing experience yet...mostly because I didn't puke and I didnt feel like I needed to. I took some stomach pills that Phil gave me. He told me they help with his nausea. Thanks Phil. The pills are promethazine HCL 25mil. I would highly recommend them to those of us who get nauseated while dosing. It made it a whole new and better and very tolerable experience. I won't dread the next dose, which is a relief in itself. Jeebs, I did try three different batches of LSD and I think they were all pretty weak. I took two tabs last week. I tripped pretty good for 12 hours. It never got intense however. The mushrooms are tried and true. I think I wasted about a month trying the tabs....but it's always worth a try. I am a very happier camper having this dose behind me. Best wishes everyone Dab
  3. Thanks everyone for your attempts to help me. Not really complaining here. I have had it much worse but going six months pain free after years of daily hits kinda spoiled me I guess. I'll getEr done and be back on top before long. Thanks again for your support and friendship. Dan
  4. I had put off busting till the film crew got here and they had sent us a video camera that lee Ann used to film me. I never had a bad hit but I was getting them every night. The clip of me knocking my lamp out was taken without my knowledge. They also spliced in someone else. The guy, chuck I think, was the dude on the bed with someone helping him. I had hoped to be filmed with a K10 or close but it didn't happen. I guess that's a good thing. I am getting hit big time daily these days and can't seem to get them back under control. I will preserver and kick it's ass soon I hope. I guess I'm in cycle now. I never had cycles...chronic from the get go in 2003. I tried to make tea last dose and I think I didn't get all of the magic out. It was weak and didn't accomplish my goal. I guess I'll go back to capping them up. I was told that tea is easier on the stomach. It was but I think I'm not a good tea maker. Any suggestions? Dan
  5. Good timing for you posting that link. I had promised to send it to someone and had nearly forgot. Not only did you remind me but younprovided me with the link. Thanks kaboom. I too would recommend seeds for your dad. If you can persuade him to try them you may well be his hero for life...if you're not already I hope he"....I hope we all find relief that lasts. Dan
  6. Is there something wrong with me? I cant help watching the exploding head over and over ;D
  7. ...and thanks for the tips Ricardo. I appreciate it.
  8. I think I needed a clapper last night too. My damn alarm clock went crazy around 4am. I had been up on the old o2 and had just got back to deep sleep. We NEVER use that alarm. I thought I was dreaming and I think it may have been buzzing for a long time. I finally grabbed the fecking cord and jerked it out of the wall after fumbling with it in the dark. I fecking smiled at that moment thinking I needed a clapper. I may see if Sam's has em by the dozen ;D
  9. Hey kyle, The reason I dread the trip is the fact that I get sick to my stomach every time. I feel like I'm going to throw up for a couple of hours before I finally do. I have tried taking them on an empty stomach but no matter what the case...I get sick. In hindsight We shouldn't have portrayed the trip as being so bad. I would like a do over in that regard. On the other hand I didn't want to appear as though I enjoyed the trip....because I don't! ...also....with the magic of tv, they didn't show me laughing my ass off and having fun with the film crew while I was under the influence. ( for hours ) They tilted it the way they wanted to and I put myself out there and left it to them. Dan
  10. Be patient Tingling I'm worth waiting for ;D
  11. Hi Renee. I thought everyone had a TV. Sometimes I think we would all be better off without them. I'm not sure but I think it will air in the UK too. I will see what I can find out and let you know. Dan
  12. ROAD TRIP Thanks for the information Bob. Lee Ann and I will try to make it however I'm sure scared to fly after my flight home from Chicago. I guess I had better get back up on that horse sometime and DC would be a great adventure. Thanks again for all of your selflessness and inspiration.
  13. Hey jeebs. Thanks for adding Lee Ann. A very nice compliment indeed
  14. Hey ting and hell... ;D I just got the word that I will be a movie star January 15th. I posted a link to the NatGeo site that has a clip. It is a new thread in my busting stories.
  15. Sorry I've been away. Thank you all so much for thinking about me. I love all of you. Dan
  16. You keep giving all of us hope for something better. I love your outlook. Your glass is always half full and that inspires me. :)Thanks Ron Best wishes and I will watch for news from you. Dan
  17. Damnit Ron, Lee Ann told me about this thread. Sorry I haven't been here to offer my friendship and support. I hope you and Michael get the relief you are due. The stay in the ER might be just what's needed to jelly Michaels brain out and get a fresh start. I hope so. Back to the BOL thing. I got the investors prospectus a year or so ago and the suggested retail is supposed to be $400 for three doses. All things are subject to change but if the price stays in that ballpark it should be a win/win for everyone. Sending best wishes your way. Dan
  18. ...ok...what did CH Father do for you that he didn't do for me?..
  19. Always let her have her way. She will always be right. ;D The key to a long lasting, happy marriage.
  20. Hipshot


    Hey baby. Glad to see you on the board. I haven't forgotten you. I will be in touch. It was good to meet you and i hope you are doing well. Dan
  21. Hello Jeff, If you leave now you have just enough time to be in Vegas for next years convention ;D
  22. Babes galore. I needed help but managed to sasify them all :D :D
  23. I'm glad I got to meet you too Ting. It Was good to see old friends and meet new ones. I think that was my last plane trip. I got hit on the airplane on the way home...one of my biggest fears. I did have an imitrex so I hit it and survived. It was bad. I now have a better understanding of a panic attack. Whew, I was never soooo glad to land. All in all it was still worth the trip. We are planning to drive to Vegas next year. Phil and Jen may go with us. If there are any more texans (Denny) that want to go we may rent a van or something and share expenses and make it a road trip to remember. Till next year.... Dan
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