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  1. I have said it on here many times, that sometimes when I was going through a hit i would actually go out to my garage and chain smoke , i don't know what it was about it but it gave me some relief. I had to chain smoke though and puff puff fast.... It helped I mentioned it on here a few months ago in fact that I used to do this and it was strange to me. but i would pace back and forth really fast and smoke it was like i was getting a ton of O2 in my system mixed with nicotine. I never really was a smoker smoker , more social while drinking in the past, I have chewed cope since i was 11 years old though and i still chew copenhagen daily. during my last cycle a few months ago i thought i would try a dip during a hit and it wasn't working out that well for me. in fact dipping seemed to be a trigger for me. the best trigger for me is booze though.
  2. Hope you get off of them too, good luck BB.....
  3. I think I will give the tea a try and this method as well, but to be honest - i just eat em plain - i just take them cracker dry, throw em in my mouth and chew till it becomes pasty then drink it down with some water, the only bad part about this for me - is that some pieces of them get stuck in my teeth lol. Other than that I don't get sick from them so far, maybe i just had a good strain or an iron stomach. Someone from the other place also told me if i felt that way after ingesting then to try taking a small hit of pot lol for the nausea. Not so sure about that, I just eat real clean a few days before and during, so far so good.
  4. lol, no problem, I am going to try this as well....next time....
  5. Hi all - I was given some advice that I thought I would pass along to all of you if you experience less than desirable conditions while busting. This came from someone that has been dong this a while and wanted me to share with everyone... A trick that can help with the stomach discomfort/puking instead of putting the powder in capsules or eating , cover the powder in lemon juice and let it sit for 30 minutes. The acids from the lemon will break down the chitin of the mushrooms making them much easier to digest for the human body. Then add some fresh juice of your liking and drink in one go (or not )It will also speed up the trip (coming faster and going faster as well), which you all might appreciate... Also, try to wait for the night to eat the mushrooms, and play some soft music.Try not to trip during the day, which is a no-no as your brain is overloaded with visual stimulations. I cried for Dan when I saw that documentary. Can you tell all that on my behalf, please ? I would love that everyone could enjoy this sacrament I hope this is okay to post here. This was just some advice a friendly grower and mycologist passed on to me after we were talking about Dans big screen appearance lol....She watched this episode a while back and then re-watched it after I told her why I needed to do this. If this has already been advised please disregard and delete the post. Hope all is well and PF days are ahead of all of you - i have been actually enjoying life again.....
  6. it has been a while for me too..... I love this site, they too saved me, especially Dan (hipshot). I am forever grateful for this home and to be PF for extended periods of time. Hope you are all doing well and living PF. I still dose as well, it keeps the beast at bay.
  7. I received mine via email and just finished it. I am always glad two help anyway i can with these damned things.
  8. Glad Im not the only bathtub guy lol, yes that did make me laugh too, been a while for me as well. I think your right about the tub thing, i used to even put a towel over my head thinking if i could get enough steam to open up the nostril on the lft side of my face it would be better, I even tried eucolytpus in the tub for a steam thinking it would help, hell no it made it worse lol. But now when I get in I tend to burry my head at the bottom of the tub, it could be saftey net type of thing liek you said, almost hiding in a way.
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    Oh by the way last night sucked, my wife made some dinner last night, smelt really good, she stopped by the store on her way home and bought some premade pasta sauce, I was so hungry and ate it, about 5 minutes later I was having a bad hit, I couldnt figure it out, come to find out the pasta suace was made from burgendy wine. fun fun.
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    Thank you to each one of you that replied to my post. It means a great deal to know that I am not alone, Like I said in the past I would get online but just becasue of the stigma of this never did post anything in the past, and when I did look around in the past the only thing out there I could find was ouch and the chapter in California. Never the less, Im glad you guys are around, now I dont feel so alone, telling people gets to be funny in a way, next thing I know I have people telling me I should try to take this or do that, it helps them with their migraines, I have never had a migraine and do not know what they feel like, but if they rank anywhere near a cluster I do feel sorry for them, but being told to chill and find a quiet dark room gets old after a while lol. No biggy but people dont understand. I even have a friend on facebook that said he knows 3 people with cluster headaches, I find it odd, I am the only one I know lol, besides you guys. I think it is the hwole hearing the "headache" part of it. As far as trying to go alternative for medicating, I am ready to try a different means to get relief from this monster. I will do my homework though very very carefully and I am a fanatic about research. I have stopped the meds all together, I feel my body needs a break and I need to have a clean out period. I stopped all meds cold. I am suffering and hitting only 3's and 5's kippers right now, but I know how I feel and it is like the calm before the big storm, I got a small break with the verapamil and prednisone, but since I had to stop taking the prednisone they have started to hit a little more often and a little more on the kips. Glad I found this site. I was bummed a little to hear about you guys that didnt grow out of them lol, and how you tend to get more chronic as you age. Sucks but finding a way to manage it now will save my butt in the long run for sure. It reminds me of a movie or something at times, so sureal, like, almost as if we are all supposed to be doing something together lol, like we have a special purpose with these things, like I tell my wife it is because we are so smart it hurts. Having a high IQ can be painful. Thanks again guys for the welcoming.
  11. I do the same thing, only I am usually on my knees and my feet hit together pretty bad and I usually slam my feet on the floor, all the while I am grabbing the side of my head with both hands and digging in, pushing my palm into my eye socket and then I notice that i try to breathe out of my nose , i do this to see if i can get air through the side that it stuffed up during the hit. I find I blow out of my nose during the day if I feel one coming on to get a guage if whether or not I will be in a full on hit or not. I then usually end up in the bath tub with the side of my head on the bottom of it, so hot that I cant take it anymore and I end up getting out, dont know why I always go to the tub lol, but then I throw on clothes and go outside and jog in place or run up and down the steert, I think my neighbors think I am a freak... I also keep my nails trimmed short too, i usually have blood under them from grabbing my scalp so tight and dont feel or know what I am doing, I have put my head through a wall, I have beat my head with a spoon in the past, now I try to approach it more calm, but of course i cant. i end up on the floor just liek you do thrashing around for a good 58 minutes, then a small rest and back to doing what I was before it started, generally i have to take a good 15 to 20 minuites after one to get my bearings back. Your not alone I do the same things lol. I think i shld get a helmet lol
  12. Good Luck Tom, kill it off and by the way tell Jesus I said kncok it off already with these damn things lol, I started my cycle on the 3rd of May this month, sux, good luck keep us updated. I am going to try and get some shrooms myself, I ought to have okay luck with it, living in Northern California and all.
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    and by the way, here at work when I get my daily one at 2:33, I go outside and walk as fast as I can to get as far away from people as I can, I get so darn embarssed. I think I will moveinto an office here at work lol. I get so crazy when I have a cycle that sometimes I have no clue how I can be so darn snappy to others around me, I went off on a neighborhood bully the other day after she was making fun of my daughter on her birthday, this 16 year old girl is so mean and when she made my daughter turning 13 cry for being a "nerd" I started to go off on her and called her a few choice names and I regret it now, but darn it , it is almost like another state of mind , one minute I could be cool and calm, and the next minute in a rage ususally right before the onset of an attack, not sure if any of you have this or if it is because of the meds and a lack of sleep, byt the way lack of sleep I try to not even bother going to sleep in a cycle, i know that is bad to do but why wait .....
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    Hello , My name is Tony, I have been quiet for way too long, I have always checked out the boards and have done as much research as possible ever since I have been suffering for these monsters. I was about 16 when I had what I now believe were shadows, followed by intense pain, all the while my mother would take me to the doctor and was told I had a sinus infection, or it was hayfever, I dont think they really got the point when I would say I cant sit still , I have to move it makes me feel better. I grew up in Monterey on Ft.Ord Army Base and was brought up by a hardline family that forwns deeply on the use of drugs other than what was given to you by a physician. Since 16, I have had them every 5 years or so with smaller cycles in between, not hitting as hard and not as frequent. I always knew when they were coming and I would cringe. I hate it more than anything in life. Here I am at the age of 40 now, still living in California and love my life but I sure do want to spend more quality time with my family, my kids are my life. As the years have gone by I have been so embarased and have never really told to many people around me other than my family what I suffer from, when they hear headache they think, take some tylenol you will be fine. Or go lay down and take a nap. I think if they dont see blood then it must not be that bad. I have given myself stitches whiel in the middle of an attack, sure it isnt pretty the scar is nasty because I couldnt really hold my hands staright while doing it, but I couldnt even feel it, I stood there with tears running out of my left eye and blood dripping from my arm, I cut myself from jumping up and down and running in place and banging my head and I fell over and cut my bicep open, so I sticthed it up, didnt feel a darn thing until about 15 minutes after my headache stopped. I have been scared to be honest with all of you, the last time I went to get help from my doc, I ended up on so many drugs and then he told me that I must be bi-polar and I was put on even more drugs, all I wanted was O2, they thought I was a drug attic looking to get a RX for narcotics, I told them I wanted O2 thats all. I ended up going to a pretty good Neuro up here in the Roseville area, he ended up helping me a few years back with Verapamil and Prednisone. It was a bad cycle, one that put me out of work for 3 weeks, I am the type of person that has to be made to take time off form work so it really bothered me. Like I said I have never really spoken out about this, I guess part of the reason is it seems as if there arent too many of us out here and it is scary. it scares the crap out of me to look at my 10 year old son and wonder if he will have to endure this one day, for that I wish he never feels this ever, for thta matter any one I know. Like I said here I am almost 40 and have such a bad cycel going on right now, the doctor has given prednisone, verapamil and they dont seem to be doing too much for me this time aorund. it sucks. I have always wanted to try to battle this by natural ways such as excersise diet, water etc... but I dont think it much matters with this. I think this is too deep inthe brain and a malfunction that we all have. I have cursed at god, I have asked what did I do in this lifetime to hbe so blessed with this. I have never given these alternative treatments a try but I am thinking anything at this piint for it to end I will do. I am having to wear a hat to work this week because I beat my head and grab it so hard I now have nice big scabs and scares on it that are embarssing as well. I am depressed, tired and just done with this sh&t. I hope to be ch free one day, in fact I was told I would grow out of them. It seems they get more frequent as I age, and more painful than ever before. I watched Bobs video today, I am ready to try a new form of treatment now. I have to , i feel as if my life depends on it. I cant function this way, the prednisone makes me a grump and it also makes me feel like I have the flu in my joints, maybe it is the verapamil? I suffer with the rest of you and I understand what you have and do go through, I live in northern california and if any of you ever feel like reaching out to me for support , I will now be a member on this forum from here on out. I wish you all the luck.....
  15. Wow, I thougth I was watching myslef having an attack.....I really did, I have been having tese damn things since I was 20, I am almost 40 and have never tried anything but the good ol, verapamil, prednisone, depakote, lithium, etc... I have even been given stadol, etc... but nothing does it for me, I had many tests done, etc. they thought I had a brain turmor as well, I have spoken to my neuro about this treatment plan before and he has very much frowned on it. I started a cycle this past few weeks and let me tell you this has got to be the worst one I have had in years, I havent had one in 2 years and then boom here they are hrder than ever, maybe I am so much older now that I cant take the pain as much now a days but geez they are horrible this time, and lucky me 6 to 8 weeks to go. This was great and gives me a lot to think about. I have also been told that they will simply go away after I get older, I find it is getting more frequent as I get older, in the begening it was every 5 years, then 3 then 2 they seem to be getting closer as I get older not the other way around. I get them 2 times during a cycle year, looks like this year is going to suck. Mine never change sides. I do get freaked out a little, I used to know exactly when they would be here during the year,I always have them in may/june but I used to never get them in November, it seems they have become unpredictable in when they will be here. Anyone else ever get this or have been told this. 1. they will go away as you get older and you will possibly hav them occassionaly 2. you will outgrow them 3. you will become chronic - i was also told this once as well. 4. did they become more hard to predict as you got older? Thanks Tony
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