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    So how did last night go? Did they do the other test? MRA? Was thinking about you....
  2. You can visit or google websites to order from. Make sure they are from a reputable spore company. You won't get seeds you will get either spore syringes or you can get spore prints. For a first timer myself i have found that syringes are your best friend. especially getting into at first. It can actually be pretty hard to grow them but well worth it. Study Study and study this stuff. I thought it would be so easy but man it is pretty hard to do. hawks eye is a pretty reputable place to order from. You need to watch the videos as well. At least 3 or 4 times. Then get online and order your spores, start off with something easy to grow - a good one to start with is called B++ it is hardy and tolerant for new beginners. After you have ordered them , then go out and get your supplies. You will need the following: A glove box that you can make yourself. This is for clean work area. Everything you do has to be heavily STERILIZED. Then go to loses or somewhere and grab 12 pack of mason jars, get the kind that are 1/2 pint and short stocky jars with no lip on the inside of it. Grab some lysol, a lighter, micro spore tape, foil, a pressure cooker (or you can use a big pot to boil in ), a drill and drill bit for the syringe needle to fit into. Then you will need a few tubs with lids, get clear. Get 2 tubs to start with. They are cheap, then grab some perlite, and also you need a bag of vermiculite. Also go to a health store and get about 2 pounds of ground up fine brown rice flour. Get a fine misting spray bottle too. This is all you should have to get and you can get all this for under 75 bucks. If i see the jars (seasonal most of the time in stores) i will grab a few extra cases of them plus lids. I don't ever re-use the lids I can those but I sterilize and wash the jars and re-sue those. The hawks eye you can google and order from them. You can also go to mycotopia.net and order from them as well. All is good to go as long as you don't live in the (I think it is just 3 states) that don't allow spores to be shipped there, one of them is my state california and I think Idaho and Texas dare banned, not sure. They will list it on their website where that can and can't ship to, make sure you know this as some places will keep your money even though they can't ship to you. if you need anymore help let me know.
  3. IMO - I would say start with the shrooms - but thats just me. I don't like playing around with other things anymore i just want something that will knack them out ASAP and don't have the patience anymore to try this and that. Plus after reading I have found that the seeds would be a pain in the butt for me. I have seen on here and elsewhere that some people have good results with the seeds but most do a lot better with shrooms over anything else. I have also read and heard that if all else fails the next step would be LSD. Im not really down with that and am very pleased with the results that shrooms have given to me. This is only my opinion but i would cut to the chase and go after the shroom first. After hours of reading and research i feel that shrooms give the best results for most that have this condition. Just my 2 cents.
  4. are you doing the dunk and roll method? I have found that just putting a dry layer of very on the tops and bottoms of the cakes are almost better. I also started to use a spray bottle to make the very light moist before rolling. I have been wanting to try finer very thanks for the tip. Let me know how this works out for you, i also heard that sawdust is pretty good to use also.
  5. Im right behind you guys - my daughter turned 15 the other day and damn i am feeling old now. Plus she asked me if she could start dating and i wish i had the guns don't kill as a sticker - i would put it on my front window next to the doorbell.
  6. Ewe , I wonder if the spell i put on him worked ? LOL My kids were watching one of the movies not long ago and i said if i have to watch another one of these movies I will put a spell on all of them that they get clusters.....Put that in your magic wand and hat harry.... Just kidding to all of this of course, i wouldn't wish anyone clusters, with the exception of a few candidates (ex-wife of course). lol
  7. Was it like the worst attack you have ever had? While in San Diego make sure you get some beach time in. Not sure if you have ever been there before but it is pretty cool. I live in CA and have been there lots of times. So I guess it is safe to assume your son is in the navy because thats all i ever see down there , that and marines. If you could get your hands on like 2 or 3 grams of shrooms you could knock this cycle out of the park before you go. In fact I would bust 2 days before I got on the plane. At first you will think this is too good to be true and will still want all your meds handy just in case you need them. But I have been leaving them at home and couldn't even tell you where my wife has put them. She used to carry all of it in her purse for me but I busted with shrooms and haven't ever needed that stuff again, this was just back in like march or april.
  8. domino


    I will hold out the best thoughts for you and that everything is good. You will be okay. If you can beat off a cluster you can beat anything. If you can deal with clusters there isn't much in this world in my opinion that we can't deal with. It has made us stronger than the average person when i comes to how we deal with pain and other issues in our lives and I know that you can handle this well. I have been reading about AVM - very interesting stuff. How old are you now? You will pull through. i know it is the anxiety of the unknown and not knowing and the stress of it and the waiting - kind of like a boss saying to you on a friday that we need to have a talk on monday ..... I hold out hope for you buddy. Stay strong and think positive.
  9. did the same thing to me, only i had some kind of allergic reaction to it so they took me off of it. it worked for a little while for me during one cycle but not the other.
  10. John, Try to eat clean and detox, take some walks and breathe heavy like you are hyper ventilating this seems to help while detoxing - trust me you will be happy, it was hard as hell for me to not grab the trex, but i stuck with it and even a small dose might not feel like it is doing anything but i think it is . even if you don't feel it right away i think that there are some things going on that you can't feel, so even a small amount of shroom in my opinion is better than no amount and it is getting the beast ready to leave. I try to take and I know this might sound like a lot to some but a small amount to others, the first time i busted was with 2.5 grams cracker dry, the second time i doubled this amount and was seeing kaleidoscopes on the walls but that dose gave me the old slap back and then i knew i was almost there. I did one or two more doses after that and they were around 2.5 to 3.5 grams. No beast since, but i think it is important to bust this cycle and then think about maintenance doses. Also try red bull, lots of it. I have bad allergies too and something has been messing with me lately as well, one day out here it is 100 degrees and then next day 78 and windy. I think i was starting to go chronic but i stared busting just at that time so i don't know for sure or not. I have been getting shadows lately and i think that is my cue for busting again with a maintenance dose. Stick with it - you will be happy you did. try and relax and enjoy the trip - even if it doesn't bust your cycle it is still spiritual journey to take and enjoy. think positive ....pf your way.
  11. Mine always get stuffed and clogged on only one side - i too had bad allergies growing up as a kid and still do have pretty bad allergies where i live. For me it helps to let me know when i can expect the attack to end because it starts to get runny at the end of the attack. My eye on the same side also gets watery and droops. when i busted i busted during the middle of a cycle - i busted as i was having an attack and the shrooms had my head draining from both nostrils. felt good too.
  12. Kind of tried this approach once. What I got my hands on a while back was a kind of smelling solution similar to smelling slats. I friend of mine picked it up for me back in the south. It was a small burlap type of drawstring sack and inside of it was eucalyptus beads. They were small little yellow beads that you could smell a mile away, when I would get one the idea was to open it and put the nose inside and inhale as much as possible. The bag even said on it headache cure lol.... I tried it but what I found it that my eyes would water more and that it was more for allergy stuff than anything else. But i haven't tried a regular smell salt stick that you break and put under the nose. I wonder what would happen? Have you tried yet?
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    Oh Whool - Sorry man - take it easy - you will be okay. Like Spin said we are all here for you and support you. I hope your tests today are positive and that you can take your focus and attention off it after you get good news. You will get good news - think positive buddy...My thoughts are with you.
  14. I just got back from flying, my flight was not that long though, only an hour and a half, from sacramento to newport beach. I busted with shrooms back in i think march, i was very tense about getting on a flight because the last time i flew i got a major shadow that i thought was going to turn into a bad cycle. This time after flying i didn't have anything at first, but when i got back home after a 2 day trip to newport beach and i landed back at home i have had shadows daily almost but this years cycle i generally get 2 cycles and this is the time of year for the other cycle to kick in so it could be coincidence. I remember getting that bad bad slap back man that hurt, but i waited the 5 days and then busted with a much higher dose, to the point where i was seeing kaleidoscopes on the walls, great trip and enjoyed it but after that trip i could literally feel it melting away with a small slap back - after that i waited another 5 days and did it again to be sure it was gone and i won hahah i won that battle. Like others are saying on here a slap back is a good thing at least it is for me. I hope to always do maintenance doses so that i can avoid ever having another slap back again because to be honest with you - it has stuck in my head that it was the worst cluster of all time. PF to you -- and try to do maintenance doses a few times a year. I am going to do maintenance doses every 4 months for this first year and then see if i can cut down to just every 6 months. Good luck to you.... what did suck for me on my trip this past week - because i am so used to getting them i used to carry around my shot kit of trex, and red bulls, i actually grabbed a large red bull for the flight but i was made to leave it at the gate before security. once inside the airport there was no place selling them - brand new airport still getting stores setup. But the anxiety of it all had me on edge thinking i would get one while in flight.
  15. I have suffered for 20 years my friend so between us we have 50 plus years of experience in this area of pain. I finally got to the point where i busted with shrooms and have been good to go for a few months now. I am though starting to get shadows for my upcoming cycle i get from last week of june till September. I pan to bust again this weekend to stave them off. Have you tried this method yet? is there a reason for not trying this method other than availability? I was hesitant on this method but i swear by it.
  16. this isn't kaiser is it? lol, don't know if you all have kaiser permanente's where you are at but this kind of happened to my grandfather once. he went in and came out with a cast on the wrong leg. You wouldn't believe some of the things i have seen. I work in the medical malpractice area. You should ask to talk to a risk manager next time - they are the ones that can always help a person out when you feel you can't get anywhere with the regular staff - well at least this works in california, because as soon as you as for a risk manager or a risk management nurse they right away think lawsuit. I hope you get your gall back lol...
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    You can eat them raw though, they don't have to be cracker dry to consume them, you can eat them right after you pick them if you wanted to. They will weigh more and you might have a harder time trying to get your dosing down. I eat them cracker dry myself. I leave them under a ceiling fan just like Jeff said and let them dry out. They dry pretty quick. If you don't have time to wait for them to dry out you can always make a tea too. It is easier for me personally to know my dosing limits by using cracker dry -
  18. YES - Happy Birthday to you - and thank you!!!!!!!
  19. you ought to be upset with yourself and ashamed and if possible you should go to 7-11 and buy 4 big slurpees and drink them as fast as you can over a half hour with brain freeze and see how that feels for you. You should just stay off of here and let him have his place to go to for support. you have no clue what it is like to have this condition and then to top it off your significant other not being supportive ....
  20. Damn, I am sorry for you bro - but like others have said on here, my ex wife used to behave radically too - hence the ex wife part... sorry you have to deal with her and clusters at the same time, bet you want to just get away fro a while.... Sorry this happened to you man...But STay we are a family here. there are not many of us with this condition and we need to all stay together ....hope things work out for ya.
  21. thats really good news..... I bet you do hear the oddest things in the ER lol....HIPPA People lol
  22. I swear by red bulls that are almost frozen, icy like . BradG - I don't think I would take oxycodone while in the middle of a cycle or shadowing - my results from tis seemed to be pretty crappy - for me at least it seamed to make it worse for me and i felt like i couldn't fight the attack - it seems to me like it just makes things worse. I would stay away from opiates during a cycle.
  23. Be strong Ting, you can do this and will be better off in the long run. You only have 2 things that you need to focus on , that is your health and your daughter. Nothing else really matters and when you are not looking and you least expect it someone greta will come along and sweep you off of your feet. It seems when one stops looking is when they meet that great best friend to spend their life with. I wouldn't have treated you this way - I would have gotten you dinner and i would have told my family to bug off (not in those nice of words) if you were my GF at the time. Shame on him for not backing you or sticking up for you. I swear sometimes i think if people don't see blood then they think there isn't anything wrong with you and you are always just sick and making it up because they can't see a wound. I tell people to just google "the most medically documented pain a human can go through" and the first thing that usually pops up is cluster headaches. You girls take care of yourselves and hang in there - i think we all have your back and support you. Its nice to have this place and call it home since there are not very many of us with this condition.
  24. You crack me up Dan... window shop in the red light district lol.....
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