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  1. I dont have anything else but Exzema but thats it for me.
  2. Oh and by the way if a woman gets an injection of Test at 200 mg's or higher every week - she will grow a beard lol. Women bodybuilders are not huge and bigger than guys naturally - it is physically impossible due to the female hormone makeup. If I was offered this and I was a woman I would be very leery and would want to make sure my T levels stayed in the normal range. But on the high end of the normal range.
  3. But that was for your normal T levels. I think what is most important in all of this is your free T levels. Free T is how much T your body has available to use right then in other words Free T is what is in the blood stream and not bound by other chemicals or anything else. Regular test is what the testies are making and that will give you a range from 100 to 1000. Every year after the age of 30 your levels will drop off. I have done very high levels of Test Ethanate and other forms in the past. One of the reasons why bodybuilders take something like nolvadex after using Test is to get the testies to start producing it on its own again. When taking high levels several things can happen - one is gyno - or as they call it bitch tits, this is because as you elevate your T levels esterogen also will become elevated causing this unwanted symptom. There are other drugs that are usually taken with Test in high doses to counter this. One of the other issues you can get is shruken nuts syndrome. If the body is being supplemented with high levels of Test then the testies shutdown because they no longer need to produce Test int he male body anymore. They now have no purpose so they kind of shrivel up like raisins. They come back after taking high Levels of Test but it takes some time - hence the reason for an estrogen blocker after coming off of Test - it then makes the testies say we need to produce again and it fires it back up. Generally Test is stacked with other AAS such as D-Bol or something along those lines. To get better gains in the gym and more lean muscle mass, generally when you stop a Test cycle at high levels (8 to 10 weeks) you start to lose some of the gains you made. It is not uncommon to pack on 10 to 15 pounds of lean muscle mass during this time as long as the diet is high in protein and you eat very clean and like a horse. I have done many cycles in the past in my younger years and have often wondered if this attributed to my cluster to be very honest with you all. I was 17 or 18 during my first cycle (athlete in high school). I have not touched it in about 20 years though. At the levels the OP is being given you wont notice that much of unwanted side affects because it isnt that strong of a dose. 500mg' 2 times a week is about what athletes and bodybuilders use. And it is a 23 gauge needle which goes into the butt muscle and hurts like heck. One thing that all Test users experience and this is no joke is the feeling of well being and almost superman like feelings. You feel great on Test. Another poster in here said how did a woman get Test injected into her - women also have T levels but at very low levels - estrogen is what makes them a woman. One thing I can suggest if you go this route - make sure you watch for balding - acne - shruken raisins, or gynomastica (boobs growing) setting in. You will notice you have to shave more often and if you take advantage of the Test injections you could actually shed any unwanted body fat you have and build some lean muscle, but you have to have a clean diet. Some signs that you have low Test levels are this - clusters - low libido - tired all the time - boobs growing. If you T levels are low then you have more estrogen in your system. When injections are given it will increase your free T levels but usually 200Mg's a week dont usually cut it to keep them up there but this depends on the type of Test that is being shot into you too. Test E lasts a little longer as it is oil based and time released - so when your body needs it it pulls it in. I hated the painful injections to be honest with you i dreaded it, there are some new techniques though that are new to the market, one is the Gel but it is low level stuff and has side affects such as hugging your wife or kids and it getting on them or rashes, but they now have a T implant that gets implanted into your butt and it is time released. My last cycle I had my levels tested and I was at 590 and and my Free T levels were low but doc still wanted to not do this. He sent a referral to an endo doc but by the time they got me in and re-tested me I had already busted and my levels for free T had gone back up to a little above normal. There are ways to get your Test and Free T levels up naturally as well. One way is to lose your belly fat - this will drive your T levels way down. What you eat also plays a role - eat celery it is a known T booster. Eat red meat and chicken they too elevate T levels more so from the Red meats , D3 is also known to elevate Test Levels as well. Exercise is the biggest upper in T levels. Lifting daily using heavy weights will increase your T levels as you are doing them and then for a while afterwards - thus causing muscle to build and fat to burn. The less fat you have the higher the T levels.
  4. Check this out - this guy never had a cluster and started getting them at 78 years old Nitrates are known to precipitate headache. The case study is that of a 78 year old man who developed cluster headache from isosorbide mononitrate. He had no previous history of headache, and had been on the medication for 11 years. When the medication was discontinued, the headaches were alleviated, and the headaches began again when the medication was reinstituted. The headache was a unilateral, intense, severe pain lasting approximately 3 hours, with associated lacrimation. MRI did reveal a pituitary macroadenoma, and MRA did reveal an occlusion of the contralateral internal carotid artery. This case is unusual in that the form of headache was cluster, in a patient without a previous history of headache. Medication as a precipitating factor for headache should be considered in new onset headaches, particularly in the elderly.
  5. Check this out - Nitrates are known to precipitate headache. The case study is that of a 78 year old man who developed cluster headache from isosorbide mononitrate. He had no previous history of headache, and had been on the medication for 11 years. When the medication was discontinued, the headaches were alleviated, and the headaches began again when the medication was reinstituted. The headache was a unilateral, intense, severe pain lasting approximately 3 hours, with associated lacrimation. MRI did reveal a pituitary macroadenoma, and MRA did reveal an occlusion of the contralateral internal carotid artery. This case is unusual in that the form of headache was cluster, in a patient without a previous history of headache. Medication as a precipitating factor for headache should be considered in new onset headaches, particularly in the elderly.
  6. In california where I live my health insurance is outrageous as with most people in the U.S. probably. Last time I went to get a shot kit (auto injector kit) the pharmacy told me is would cost me 749.00 because my insurance company denied it as it is in a different class of drugs like Jeff said. My Doc had to get on the phone with them they then had to do a review of the need for it and why so many were needed (he tried to give me 10 refills) - I had to stay on top of the insurance company daily and the Doc had to write up another explanation on the need for it - they then said after 4 days that it was approved and when I went to pick it up they charged me 92.00 because they said there was a special deductible I had to meet first. I did go to a website and got some coupons for it - but I was told I couldnt use them because I was paying with cash and had insurance lol...
  7. Here is how government is being ran... seriously watch this and then you will know why we have stupid laws that prevent us from being able to be free people.
  8. As I got older I used to be able to be more calmer but still to this day I go to my garage and actually jog in place - I just cant sit still, sometimes I am on my knees on the floor pulling my hair out or beating the side of my head. I have taken hot baths before and then jumped in a freezing cold shower hoping it would help.
  9. I personally have waited only 4 days and it worked. But 5 seems to be the rule of thumb.
  10. Thats so crazy about the 20 year old with a beer facing time in prison. It makes no sense - I was 17 1/2 when I went into the Army - They let me shoot machine guns and I couldnt have a beer lol.....Makes no sense - you trust me to hump an M-16 around all day but I cant have a beer. Seriously. As far as spice and K2 goes - sad really sad. The prohibition on all of this has gone to far and I think that a huge part of the issue is that the government is too involved in every aspect with our lives - we the people have let the government rule us rather than us ruling our government. It is none of their business if I am out in the forrest and come across a shroom growing and eat it. Just the same with what is in my home, as long as I am not endangering others around me or making those neighbors quality of life bad then leave us alone and let us do as we want. I had a visitor in my office from China for 6 weeks and the last week he was here he said to me "you know America really isnt more free than China, we are almost the same ". I have never forgot this statement.
  11. If you ever watch an episode of cops and see the cops actually busting a person that has a joint on them and they take them to jail. Really take them to jail and make a criminal out of them for a joint. Insane - and the amount of resources and money it takes to book a person and to pay the cop - the public defender, the prosecutor to the judge to the clerk filing the case. I bet in california (or as I know refer to it as The Peoples Republic of Kalifornia) it costs about 100k to arrest someone with grass on them that doesnt have a medical card.
  12. MG - Seriously do double your dose. I think that maybe what you have had in the past your body has gotten used to it not really building up a tolerance but just busting as many times as you are. I also think it could depend on your shrooms and the quality of them. It is so hard to tell how potent one batch will be over another. For instance I have noticed if I bust with B++ I have to use a much heavier dose than I do with golden teachers. I dont think the strain has much to do with it but I think the amount of Pcslio in them would measure differently. I also think it matters how they are grown has alot to do with potency i grew B++ and i didnt much care for them 2.5 dried grams hardly did anything but golden teachers grown the same way on the same dose was wow. When I go for strain now I tend to grow some of the more potent strains out there. PE is one of them and Golden teachers are another. Also I think the genetics of the spores you are using make a difference too. If you take prints - I think by the time you get to the 4 th generation maybe it wont be as potent? Some say tho that a cube is a cube. I strongly think that your diet for the day and hydration for the day makes a difference.
  13. I guess for me I dont really care and what I mean about this is that I am a libiterian by nature. I dont really care what my neighbor does on their own property or in their own home as long as it doesnt affect me or others. I have very strong opinions on why drugs are illegal to begin with. I feel it is all about control and money. I personally think the reason why certain drugs are illegal is because of the pharmaceutical companies. Did you know there are more americans on Rx drugs than ever. Lipitor is the #1 drug right now. In the 1800's pot was used for medicinal purposes but then a Rx company came up with asprin and then the whole illegal things began. What would happen if drugs were legal? What is the worse that would happen? Other countries wouldnt make $ off of us? We lost the war on drugs and it has been going on forever. We spend more $ on fighting this pretend war than we do making a difference. If someone is going to get "hooked" on coke they are going to get a hold of it one way or another anyway. I hear arguments that we would have millions of people in rehab. I dont think it would make a difference, what I do think would make a difference is educating people on the dangers of using drugs. Born a free person and wanting to partake or have pleasure shouldnt be regulated, but that is just my opinion. Would I want my kids doing coke or meth, heck no, not under my roof, would i ever want them to do it no i wouldnt. But they are born a free person and have the right to decide what they put into their bodies or not. So many states have passed medical pot laws, but when I see it being abused it really makes me wonder why legalize for just medical? I see far too many dui accidents killing families then I do pot related driving accidents with deaths. Why would we regulate MJ and not booze? Maybe there is more money to be made with drugs being on the black market than booze? Who knows. But IMO it is not for big brother to tell me how to live. It really makes me laugh because in my opinion this plays into what New york has done. They say you cant have sodas of this size in new york, they take the choice out of your hands because they say they are doing it for your own good and they are helping you to make healthy choices but yet you can go and get an abortion on the premise that it is a pro choice thing and you have the right to do what you want with your body. Makes no sense - you are either pro choice and let people decide their own fate or you are not. If you truly are pro choice which means to let someone chose what to do with their body then why restrict sodas and drugs? I love being independent - growing my own medication - no longer taking Rx drugs for treatment. When was the last time anyone cured something - Polio was it. We spend more money and time just trying to put patches on things rather than cure things. Sorry for the long rant lol.... But i have seen and know people where i live that get a pot card and they get it by telling a doc that they have a back issue. I wanted to see how easy it was once a few years ago. I went with the guy that has a so called back issue. I walked in paid 40 bucks and told the doc i had clusters, he said oh okay and wrote a Recommendation for me to be a user of medical MJ. Didnt want to see any proof or past doc paperwork or anything. This system is being abused and it doesnt make sense. I dont do MJ at all. I have tried it and done it on occasion but I do not use it. What was crazy was there must have been 40 people sitting in the waiting room to get their recommendation as well. For me something that grows after a rainy day in the forrest and I pick it and eat it is not a drug. Just because my government says it is doesnt mean to me that it is. They say a lot of things they want us to think is true but it isnt.
  14. Please tell me you mean the quote... Other day son and I went to auto wreckers...its what us Canadian car guys do in the winter. Walked in and guy inside was ranting about some schmuck who called there by accident wanting to commit suicide. He was upset the guy called him. What an incensitive prick. I wanted to knock him out. I was so upset and it still bothers me....because I been there. I did want to die in 09. Suicide is real. What if this guy had a gun, was on a bridge or whatever....I would have kept him on line. Got him help from 911 or suicide hotline or coaxed him out of it. Not hang up on the guy and call him an Fn idiot. Im still boiling. Some insensitive pricks in this world. Wow this is bad Karma - very bad karma. :-[
  15. I hear you man - one time about 15 years ago I went to the ER - my doc told me to go there to O2 during an attack - they treated me and finally asked me what kind of pain killers I was looking for. They thought I was faking it until I called my neuro office and they then called the ER for me. It has always seemed to me that because they cant see it there is nothing wrong. If I went in there with a finger on ice that had been cut off they would be trying to hurry up and treat me and could see that I was in pain - but because this is in the brain they think it isnt that bad cant be that bad- they also think of it like a migraine as well. I do like the name of Loadis Bullitis in Gunis! we should start calling them that. Im going to test it out.
  16. Dang 15 grams dried is a lot and a waste lol You can only get to a certain trip level and then you are kind of just wasting future medication lol...... I do go for it - when I am busting and start off with a couple of grams dry. I sometimes will do 3 grams dried. My purpose is to rid my head of the beast and I dont want to screw around so I do go for it, I take enough till I see god (as Potter says). For me .5 grams wouldnt do crap for me. As of today it still wouldnt do anything for me - I would have a slight buzz but that is about it. I tend to go on the heavy side of a dose to make sure I trip and it actually busts. You could try 1.5 and see how that goes for you , if it isnt doing much for you then wait 4 days and try a heavier dose. Like CH said above - Having other meds in your system is key - you dont want anything in your system if you can help it. Detox for a few days and then bust.
  17. I hear that all the time - so I just say I have a painful neuro condition that I dont like to discuss lol Some will ask what it is and I tell them - take the worst ice cream headache you have ever had and multiply it by 1000 and have it for 45 minutes. This is a small sample. Some say ouch and others say well what is it called and tell them cluster headaches and some people will say oh ya my friend has bad migraines too. lol - I give up - I think we need a new name for this damn thing. Something like neuroclustitious.
  18. The ones that wake you up in the middle of the night are no joke! To me these are the worse ones. I hate them, I would much rather deal with them in the middle of the day then I would the night time wake up beast. For me anyway after the first wake up attack and fighting it off - I would go back to sleep only to be hit again 2 hours later. These ones suck and you get to the point where you just would rather not go to sleep at all. We know how bad these ones are. I feel for you. I used to slam 2 red bulls before I would go to sleep. People would ask me how I was able to drink 2 red bulls then go to sleep. I dont know how - but when I am not in a cycle it keeps me up all night. I think you are just so tired from the fighting that you are exhausted. The one thing they say to do though - is to get sleep even if it is for a few hours at a time. Hang in there -
  19. domino


    There are a few famous people that have tried this routine and all have said it didnt do crap for them for clusters. But shrooms do... ;D
  20. Jut wanted to say hope he feels better soon. Also just wanted to say I was in that same boat before. I didnt take enough shrooms to start off with. Wait 4 days and then double it. For me I take 2.5 to 3 grams dried now - this is a personal preference but if I am going to do them I am going to make darn sure they are gone and the bust is a success. I think a maintenance dose he could go lower. But if your going to trip why not just go all out to make sure you kill the beast? I see kaleidoscopes on the walls of my room when I bust. The worst part is the hangover feeling the next day but oh well better than pain. During a cycle and you bust - this is how I know it was a success the evil slapback that comes with it... P.S.... He is making sure to detox for 5 days before he tries to bust right? No meds at all before a bust. Try to get the shrooms cracker dry... better way to adjust dose is if they a dried out. I have tried fresh before 20 grams fresh ground up in a coffee bean grinder and then ate with a spoon and had very minimal effect. I mean very minimal.
  21. I dont think I have ever had this. I do get little black floating dots with eyes open though.
  22. Like Potter and Jeff said - go for a mental drive. The first bust for me was like you - now when I go to bust I say screw it and eat at a minimum 2.5 grams to 3.0 grams. I want to make sure I kill it. I just dont like the hangover affect the next day - but I would rather have that then clusters. Like Potter put it eat enough till you see god. Or at least kaleidoscopes on your bedroom walls and you keep playing the same song over and over again lol....
  23. Pill form of imitrix really isnt going to help you. Only shots will and they are used to abort during an attack rather than trying to prevent an attack. I do not know anyone that has ever had any luck with pill form for preventing or aborting a cluster. When attacks come on - take an almost frozen (slushy) red bull out and slam it fast. This might help cut the amount of time your attack will last. Sinus - Not sure I understand what your neuro thinks about this. For most of us it happens like this, one side of head only the pain comes on in about 5 minutes after you start to feel it, the eye on that side of your head might water up-droop , that side of your head nostril will typically close up - once attack ends things get back to normal. Eye clears up , then that side of your nostril will typically run a little. This doesnt happen to everyone. Tell your neuro this depening on how you answer . Can you sit still during an attack? No is the answer for clusters Can you lay down during an attack ? No is the answer for clusters Could you eat something if you wanted to ? Yes maybe - Most migraine sufferers would get sick if they tries to eat something during a migraine. I could actually eat something if I wanted to but I dont because I am fighting the pain. Here is the big one - if you took a drink of red wine would you get an attack within 5 minutes of a drink of it. Clusters can not usually have alcohol during a cycle . It seems t be one of the biggest triggers. Not sure about migraines though. Do you curl up into a ball and roll around on the floor pulling your hair out due to the pain? yes would be a cluster I am not a doc but these are some of the things to think about and telling your doc. The way most of us know our cycle has ended is to take a swig of beer or red wine or any alcohol - if nothing happens within a few minutes most of the time we are clear of the cycle. If you start beating your head with pain on one side of your dome - you know the cycle is still with you and hasnt ended. Also do you fall asleep at night and then get woken up by some of the worst pain you have ever had on one side of your head? This is something that is very typical for a cluster patient and should be mentioned to your doc. I was in the same boat you are now - until I found this site. Now I get rid of them for long periods of time and keep them at bay with proper maintenance. I too could barely go to work anymore. But I am all better now. Have hope - there is an answer for you - it just depends on how your body needs to treat it. Any ?'s hit me up anytime and send me a message. We are here to help.
  24. If it were me - I had wisdom teeth removed after busting - I did NOT elect to be put under - instead they used Novocain and wrenched on me for what seemed to be hours. I didnt want to chance it with opiates so I took either advil or I had a Rx left over for indomethacin - and sucked it up for a few days. Root canals my dentist doesnt give me anything - he tells me to take advil @ 800 mg's.
  25. I forget if I have short term memory loss just kidding.... yes around my cycles I do get some short term loss. Like my wife will tell me something and then the next day she will say are you going to get ready to go - I say where and she says dont you remember x y and z.... I thought it was just a husband wife thing lol, but during cycles my kids and people at work tell me stuff I am forgetting too. I have NOT ever blacked out during one though.
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