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  1. My wife, qnheartmm over on the CH.com....wants to do a clsuterbuster themed quilt for the September Conference Auction. She's looking for t-shirts from previous clusterbuster conferences. If they've been worn that's fine we'll clean em up prior to the final product! If you have any you'd care to donate, PM me for address. Thanks in advance, looking forward to seeing all of my old friends and hopefully a bunch of new ones in September. Joe
  2. I copied this from CH.com, I'm sure a lot of you knew Barry. I, Ben, was today asked by a member here to contribute an Obituary for a man who helped many people - Barry T Coles. I will attempt to do my best. Barry recently lost his battle with lung cancer, but I am sure he would rather be remembered by what he did for people while he was alive. Barry helped in a lot of places that I have found online, not just us CHers. When it was all many could do to stop themselves from sticking their head through a wall, Barry was there with a joke; as quick as. He pulled put some cracker one liners, spoken like only a true CHer can. I can't speak for anyone else, but Barry's sense of humour saved my life by pulling me out of a big hole on one occasion in particular; out of sheer desperation and curiosity, we discovered we had both measured the voltage across our teeth and fillings with voltmeters, just looking to find answers to CH. Mine was DC current, his was AC. Much head scratching ensued about the batteries in our heads and we shared a few insider's engineering jokes, some at the expense of his Dentist's Porsche, which Barry said he had significantly helped to pay for. Barry made me laugh, no matter how bad the pain was. That is life saving kind of humour, that you don't often find in people, let alone a CHer. Barry tirelessly educated us on O2, with his mantra - "I'm an O2 pusher" on the Aussie CH site. Never an unkind word from Barry was spoken. This morning, the O2 treatment page was renamed the BTC O2 treatment page with a footnote, in honour of Barry's contributions to all of us. Barry will be sadly missed by all at the Aussie CH site. We lost one of the best and funniest moderators the site was privileged enough to ever have had. His last post, to a member said "Thanks Kim, needed a laugh" I could do with one of Barry's laughs right now, I know that much. An official obituary notice can be found at the newspaper, The West Australian. My condolences to his family and friends. Rest in Peace, Barry. This is a link to the obituary and guest book http://www.legacy.com/guestbooks/thewest-au/guestbook.aspx?n=barry-coles&pid=163... Joe
  3. #10 between the girls, hugging my Lady-Luv....oh yeah ....and #30 on the left. What a fantastic weekend. Catch up with a few old friends...meet a boatload of new friends......just a great weekend. Counting the hours until Chicago, 2013. Joe
  4. There's just nothing to compare with meeting your first CH brother...(or sister).. Joe
  5. My two baby girls...now 26 and 28, but STILL my baby girls. And of course their mother, my bride of 30 years who found these boards for me so many years ago......oh yeah...and all you guys. Who hug me or kick my arse depending on what is needed at the time. And you always seem to know. Hang in there Ting. JOe
  6. Better bring wifey back, Christy is signed on for Chicago and wants to meet the woman that managed to tame Bee-yul! Joe
  7. Don't let the sloooow southern drawl fool yeh...that Bee-yul is a highly dangerous man!!! Joe
  8. Mommy make the images of the bad man with the glow stick go away.... :'( :'( Joe
  9. It drives me crazy. It's a bunch of people jabbering about CH with no knowledge base, no follow up, and no direction. I force myself to visit regularly and am sure I'm starting to sound like a parrot repeating the same two websites. ;D I'm sure they serve a useful purpose, but it frustrates me to see so many people heading there for relief when it's just a gabfest. Joe's 2 cents.
  10. Somehow i think the humane society needs to be contacted...... ;D Joe
  11. Would sure love to see us double the numbers for Chicago. It's no secret there is power in numbers. Start clearing your schedules for September, 2013, Chicago. We'll be there! Joe
  12. Fingers crossed it's your magic bullet! Joe
  13. Guiseppi


    Not really.........the original "money" backed out, Doc is still working his butt off trying to make it go but it's not at a point where breath holding is called for. :-/ Joe
  14. bejeebers....the resemblance is freaky!!!! ;D Joe
  15. Just got home this morning. So many old friends, so many new friends, I can't wait for Chicago in 2013! Joe
  16. If you're bored, there's a LENGTHY post on the other board, clusterheadaches.com, about testosterone therapy. Under the medications board, "Why don't we pay attention to this" is the title. Very effective for many, useless for many! Kinda the nature of the beast. From what this link pointed out, it certainly is worth having it checked. Joe
  17. I always hope when it gets quiet the remission bug is in full force! But then...I'm a hopeless optimist. Joe
  18. Almost missed wishing you a happy birthday, still today in the states, have a peaceful, pain free birthday! Joe
  19. Well put AO. [smiley=thumbsup.gif] Joe
  20. WOW Ting. :'( A post likes yours justifies every bit of work the people running this board put into it. Stories like yours, Brew's, Bonkers, just damn. I couldn't be happier for you and your daughter. Going to start dropping suggestions to Christy about Chicago in September. Joe
  21. As mentioned above, what you need is a Non Re Breather Mask, the Optimask being the cadillac of that type. If you understand what a Non Re Breather is, you can make your own in less then five minutes. You need a reservoir to store the oxygen coming out of the tank, and a way to get the 100% 02 to your lungs. Here's your MacGiver lesson for the day! Take a 1 gallon ziploc bag, poke a tiny hole in the bottom and run that tubing that goes into the nasal canulas, into the bottom of the bag. Tape it up as airtight as you can. Take a cardboard tube from a paper towel or toilet paper roll, stick it in the top of the bag, close and tape up the top so it's air tight. Put your hand over the cardboard tube so air can't get out. Turn on the oxygen. The bag fills with 100% oxygen.. Put your mouth over the tube, breathe deep, put your hand back over the tube so the bag refills, exhale out, don't exhale into the bag as that dilutes the 100% 02....we don't want that...repeat. You're now the proud owner of a "redneck non re breather mask!" A couple of reminders. Oxygen is not flammable but is an accelerant. If your clothing is saturated with oxygen, and you are exposed to a heat source, smoking, a lit stove etc., you will go up like a roman candle. Remember to use in a well ventilated area, and to take a 5 minute walk outside to clear the saturated 02 outta your clothing before you are exposed to any ignition sources. A little prevention and awareness goes a long way. Hope it works as well for you as it has for me. Joe
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