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  1. IndianaJohn

    D3 regimen advice

    Start here: 10,000 IU D3 500mg Magnesium 500mg Potassium 500mg Calcium Citrate 2400mg fish oil all of the above once per day. I take all mine at once in the morning with 8 oz of orange juice. I've been pf for 4 years now only using the D3 regimen.
  2. IndianaJohn

    beer test

    I stay well clear of ANY alcohol when I am in cycle....not even a whiff...
  3. IndianaJohn

    what a trip. Nat Geo and ME-O

  4. IndianaJohn

    6 Words I Hate

    I know what it's like to "set a date". I have often contemplated grabbing my rifle and taking that long walk down to the river. It isn't worth it. I know it hurts. I know it's heartbreaking to be alone. It's even harder when you are not actually alone, but still feel that way. You are blessed Renee. You have friends that love you. That's more than I have. I am blessed to have my wife and children, but they haven't always been supportive and I can't always count on them. So I know what it's like to be alone and having to deal with CH. Get the O2 set up going. Make it a priority. Get help with it if you need to but get it set up. It makes a huge difference. I tried O2 in the past and it never worked for me. I have had neurologists tell me that O2 would not work for me because I am a smoker. After some prodding by CHFather and Spiny and others I gave it a try. Guess what? IT WORKED! Keep your chin up honey, you can beat this. John
  5. IndianaJohn

    Alcohol as a "trigger"

    just my 2 cents worth... I can't even have a whiff of anything with alcohol in it when I am in cycle. not even cold medicine. If I do, I get hit and it goes from 0 to 10 in about 3 seconds.
  6. IndianaJohn

    Feeling down

    Hey Anthony, Hang in there man. Things will get better. Indo never worked for me, but if it works for you then great. I would recommend doing 1.5 grams of M if you can. That is about the minimum dosage that works for me. Seeds aren't working for me either. Take care, John
  7. IndianaJohn


    not with my neuro, but with my GP's Nurse Practitioner I did. She was ok with it.
  8. IndianaJohn

    D3 Update

  9. IndianaJohn

    hello all

    Anthony, So sorry you are in pain. I have been chronic since April of this year. And I too, get some "chronic shadows". Mine are centered around my right temple, feels more like an irritation in the area than an actual CH. I get the neck pain, but I think mine are caused by being "tense" from all of the HA's I've been having recently. The seeds didn't do anything for me. The last dose I took was 100 seeds and I tripped a little but no relief from the CH's. I was on Indo for a while too, helped short term but not long term like you. I just got my O2 set up going and it has been a life saver. I've been a smoker for years and was told by a couple of neuro's that it wouldn't work for me, but it did. so if you don't have O2 yet, I would strongly advise you get some. I just started it yesterday and it has made a huge difference in my HA's. I am no longer getting K8/9's and I am getting back to sleep much faster, which makes me feel better all around. I deal with my shadows with Tylenol or Aleve. The Aleve (naproxen) seems to work best in getting rid of the shadows for me. Again, that is just my own experience. M has worked much more effectively in the past for me, so that is what I am sticking with for now. If the seeds are working for you, then I say go for it. Seems pretty sensible to me. Again, just my opinion for what it's worth. Hoping you get some relief soon, John
  10. IndianaJohn

    How do you know...

    I get the relaxion sensation at the end of a hit as well. very much like you said, my brain feels like it's relaxing, though for me, it also includes the smooth muscles on my scalp. I get the classical CH pains along the trigeminal nerve, but I also get these "cramps" as I call them on the back and side of my head where the CH is active. It has something to do with the small muscles on my head because I can sometimes stretch them out or massage them out. Sometimes, though, the Beast likes to throw me a curve and I will think that the hits are over for the night, but then they return a few hours later.... Take care.
  11. IndianaJohn

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy PF New Year to you too.
  12. IndianaJohn

    The uber PET PEEVE that makes Jeebs go ballistic!

    That is one of mine too I had a intern once who actually wanted to shine a light into my eye during an attack (I am photo sensitive during a hit). When he did it, I grab the interns arms and lifted him up in the air to make him stop. Fortunately, my wife was with me at the time to stop me from liberating the interns arms from the rest of his body. Some doctors are just plain stupid.
  13. IndianaJohn


    never worked for me, usually increasees the pain
  14. IndianaJohn

    Employed/Unemployed Clusterheads

    Hi Hejada, I work in the aerospace industry building weather satellites. I have had CH since I was 28. It started a few years after I started working here. Fortunatley, the Beast likes to visit me at night, if I get hit once a night, I am usually ok to function at work. Here recently, with the 5 day detox, things are getting challenging with two sometimes three hits a night. I have a wife of 26 years who is disabled, and two adult children in college. I don't feel as I have any other choice but to carry on. they depend on me. when things get really bad, I try to take a day off of work to recover, but here at the end of the year, I don't have any vacation days left. So I carry on and do my best. It sucks, but there you have it. I'm certain that my job is not nearly as intense as Lt2, but working on a scientific instrument that costs as much as $50,000,000 isn't exactly a walk in the park. One other thing, I noticed that the more stressed I am under at work, the tamer the beast is during the day. Plus I drink coffee ALL day. Fortunately, I rarely get hit at work. If I do I usually have a couple of Imitrex nasal sparys on hand I have been fortunate to have a great boss that is very understanding. One thing I would suggest is to go to the CH.com board and get the "letter to employers" that E-double wrote. It offers a good explanation of CH for the uninformed. Keep your chin up Hejada, keep your shoulders square and keep moving forward. This stuffs sucks, I know it sucks, you know it sucks, we all know it sucks. But it can be managed. It can be beaten. I successfully busted a few years ago and was in remission until the fall of last year. I went chronic this year. But so many peolple have it worse off than we do. There a little kids that have this. So know that you are not alone, that has been the greatest blessing for me just knowing that I am not alone in this.... Take care, John